Vent filter standard – FDFBS series

  • Fully cast protective cover
  • No welds that rust or vibrate apart
  • Polyester: 99% efficiency standard to 5 microns
  • Tubular sound deadening design
  • Buis is positioned to maximize
  • Paper: 99% efficiency standard to 2 microns
  • Temperature (continuous): min -26°C (-15°F) max 104°C (220°F)
  • Durable carbon steel construction with and powder-coated protective cover
  • Types of filter media: polyester, paper, HEPA, activated carbon

Standaard beluchtingsfilter voor tank of silo

Vent filters

There are two types of vent filters. A first kind that filters certain air pollutants, such as from a silo, tank, or to block dust. A 2nd kind provides venting if the pressure in a tank or pipe rises too much.

Filtermat supplies both types of vent filters.

Why a vent filter?

No matter how small or large vent filters may be, they are essential to prevent overpressure. For example, in oil tanks or when there is negative pressure, the filters can also provide a supply of air that has been filtered. The vent filters we supply meet the highest quality standards.


  • High dust holding capacity
  • Available in different finenesses and designs
  • Pleated filters with large surface area for low pressure drop

Types of filter elements

  • Paper : 99% of 2μm
  • Polyester : 99% of 5μm
  • Polyester : 99% of 1μm
  • HEPA : 99.97% of 0.3μm
  • Active carbon prefilter for odor removal


  • 304 SS – I.D. and O.D. support & end caps
  • Epoxy Coated Housing
  • Differential Pressure Indicator
  • Food grade end caps , glue & seal
Filterelement voor ontluchtingsfilters
Standaard ontluchtingsfilters voor
hoe werkt een onluchtingsfilter
Grafiek geluidsdemping beluchtingsfilter

Noise level may vary due to different applications and motor.

Afmetingen stadaard beluchtingsfilter voor tank


Afmetingen ontluchtingsfilter met flenzen