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UV 2000

  • Sterilizer with 25W UV lamp
  • Maximum flow rate: 1.5 m³/h
  • With hour meter and alarm
  • Connection diameter: 3/4″ and 1″
  • Weight: 4.1 kg
  • Max. working pressure: 16 bar


CINTROPUR® UV2000 with 25W lamp
Compact sterilizer with hour meter and alarm


Because of its simplicity and efficiency, sterilization of water by UV radiation has developed greatly in recent years.
UV radiation of 253.7nm consists of part artificially reproduced solar radiation. The UVc rays thus generated are much more intense than sunlight and are used to sterilize water.
This high-tech method of disinfection is known for controlling legionella, microbes, bacteria, viruses, protoza, etc. in an environmentally friendly manner. It is the ideal way to kill microorganisms in the water, making it drinkable on a bacteriological level. The water is not considered truly potable until the chemical parameters are also checked and found to be good.


1.Rainwater: thanks to this treatment, the use of rainwater can be further expanded in complete safety.
2.Well water: prevents any pathogenic contamination.
3.Tap water: guarantees you the water quality you expect if it deviates from your quality criteria.
4.Spring water and surface water: guarantees you constant bacteriological quality.
5. Stored water (at caravans, boats, etc.): for sanitary use of this stored water


1.General water supply for the house, baths and showers
2.Culinary preparations
3. American refrigerators
4.Cooled water fountains
5. Aquariums
Food rinsing
7.When breeding chickens, rabbits, ducks, etc.: for drinking water free of potentially pathogenic microorganism


  • Easy installation and use
  • 100% physical disinfection using the UV process
  • Natural treatment of the water, without the addition of chemical products or risk of overdosing
  • Water without unpleasant odor or taste
  • Efficacy proven in human pathogenic microorganisms
  • Without formation of toxic by-products
  • Limited maintenance

Always recommended, for optimal UV radiation not disturbed by suspended particles


In all water treatment units, the UV sterilizer is always placed in last position


To replace the UV lamp, a 5° rotation of the lamp holder is sufficient to remove it. The lamp holder, power cable, ballast and UV lamp are one unit

Lamp replacement: 1x per year

UV lamp cintropur 2000 and 10000

Replacement quartz 1x every 5 years

quartz cintropur UV

Cintropur UV sterilisator UV2000 - UV10000 - TIO-UV

Maintenance parts

Ref. FiltermatDescriptionFor filter
NCOUVLA252100Lamp 25 W2100 – TRIO UV
NOCUVLA4100Bulb 40 W 4100 – TRIO UV
NCOUVLA25Bulb 25 W2000 ECO – 2000 - TIO UV
NCOUVLA10000Bulb 95 W10000
NCOUVLA11Bulb 11 W1000 ECO - 1000
NCOUVKW2100Quartz2100 – 4100 – TRIO UV
NCOUVKW1000Quartz1000 ECO - 1000
NCOUVKW2000Quartz2000 ECO - 2000 – TIO-UV
NCOEQUVTIOWall attachment + screws2000 – TIO-UV
NCOEQUV2100Wall mounting + screws2100 - 4100

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