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  • Ideal for rainwater
  • 3-fold action: filters, purifies and sterilizes
  • filtration with 25µm, activated carbon treatment and UV sterilization with a 25W UV lamp.
  • connection: 3/4″ + 1″


CINTROPUR® TRIO UV (25W): sterilizer with 3 functions.
Ideal for rainwater
Domestic use


Cintropur less wasteCintropur innovative and ecological product



A cyclonic operation by means of the centrifugal screw that precipitates larger particles in the lower part of the container. This is followed by finer filtration through a filter fleece, which can be adjusted from 5μm to 25μm, to retain all suspended particles.
See also Cintropur® NW25


Treatment with activated carbon rids the water of unpleasant odors and tastes, as well as pesticides and herbicides. The container, which contains the activated carbon, was specially developed for reuse. The activated carbon can be easily replaced by unscrewing the removable lid.
See also Cintropur® NW25TE-CTN


Sterilization of water via UVc to ensure its bacteriological quality.This application is particularly suitable for the integral treatment of rainwater.
See also Cintropur® UV2100


1. General water supply for the house, baths and showers
2. Culinary preparations
3. American refrigerators
4. Chilled water fountains
5. Aquariums
6. Rinsing food
7. When breeding chickens, rabbits, ducks, etc.: for drinking water free of potentially pathogenic microorganism


  • Easy installation and use
  • 100% physical disinfection using the UV process
  • Natural treatment of the water, without the addition of chemical products or risk of overdosing
  • Water without unpleasant odor or taste
  • Efficacy proven in human pathogenic microorganisms
  • Without formation of toxic by-products
  • Limited maintenance
Cintropur UV filters

Parts - refills

The TRIO UV 25W is a setup that combines 2 filters and 1 sterilizer:


For parts and/or refills for any of these modules, click on the products above and open the parts – refills tab.

Technical data

Filter type: TRIO-UV 25W
Connection diameter: 3/4″ and 1″
Recommended flow rate at 25 mJ/ cm²: 2 m³/h
Recommended flow rate at 40mJ / cm²: 1.3 m³/h
Working pressure: 10 bar
Max. pressure resistance: 16 bar
Max. temperature: 50°C
Weight: 4.85 kg / 6.25 kg (with packaging)
Packaging: 521 x 466 x 141 mm
Pallet number: 33
Filter head: Polypropylene(PP) +20% GF
Container: SAN(transparent)-PET colored(black)
Filter support: PP + 20% GF
Sealing: 0’ring butadiene-acrylonitrile (NBR)
Centrifugal screw + cover: polyethylene(PE)
Vent screw: Polyamide (PA) + Polyester (2K)
Venting screw UV: PVDF
Key: ABS
Filter sleeve: Polyester (non-reusable) or nylon (reusable)
Filter area/volume: filter fleece: 440 cm² -CTN: 0.57L
Container for activated carbon (CTN): SAN 0.6mm
Lid of CTN: PP with 20% GF 0.3mm
UV-c lamp: 25W with safety switch
Treatment chamber UV: 316L stainless steel
Standard equipment: filter fleece 25 μm, CTN filled with activated carbon, 1 UV-c lamp 25W, key, 2 x connection pieces 3/4″ and4/4″, 2 x wall bracket in PP with 30% GF, 1 wall bracket stainless steel
Option: vent cock1/4″ nickel-plated and pressure gauges 1/8″ in brass
Other filter finenesses: non-reusable: 1μm-5μm -10μm-25μm-50μm-100μm (set of 5 filter webs)-reusable: 150μm-300μm






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