Topline™ Bag Filters

Safe, easy to use and very fast

  • “Over the top” inlet connection with hinged lid
  • The lid absolutely seals the filter bag
  • Swivel eyebolt closure
  • Electro-polished basket made of SS 316 perforated plate
  • Height adjustable support legs (included)
  • Quick and easy bag changing
  • Superior sealing without by-pass
  • Easy and firm opening/closure
  • Perfect bag support, easy to clean
  • Stable and adjustable construction


– TOPLINE™ is the best single filter housing. Designed for distinctly high performance and with highly durable, strong cast steel
parts, everything about the TOPLINE™ is simply of the best.
– TOPLINE’s design with side inlet and inflow through the top results in minimal top space for unfiltered material, this simplifies bag changes and also optimally seals the filter bag.
– Suitable for filter bag size 01 and 02.
– TOPLINE™ made of 316 stainless steel also means superior corrosion resistance and consistent performance, year after year. A smooth, glass-blasted finish and the minimum of 2 welds in the TOPLINE design make for an easy-to-clean interior.
– All TOPLINE™ enclosures come with a five-year warranty. Also available as standard is a special series of filter housings with CE marking.
– TOPLINE™… for applications too demanding for ordinary bag filters.

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1. Top inlet with fluid flow through lid for superior bag sealing without bypass. The cover design has minimal space above the filter bag for faster and easier bag changes.

2. Only two o-rings are required for a perfect seal without bypass. Lid seals securely and holds filter bag in place.

3. Precision molded design with only two welds. The device has a very smooth inner surface with no pits or crevices to catch material. Cleaning is very easy and complete.