TAF – self-cleaning filters

  • Unique electric drive mechanisms
  • Automatic flushing according to differential pressure, manually or via time interval
  • Possibility of continuous flushing
  • Low energy consumption
  • No interruption of flow during rinsing
  • Electronically controlled cleaning with flexible control options
  • Applications: water supply systems, cooling water, wastewater treatment


Innovative high quality self-cleaning plastic filter suitable for a wide range of applications.

Flow rates: up to 50 m3/h (220 gpm)
Filtration degrees: 500-10 micron
Water for cleaning: less than 1% of the total flow
Minimum working pressure: 1.5 bar (22 psi)

How it works



The TAF series consists of easy to operate 2″ and 3″ self-cleaning plastic filters, made of high quality material and driven by an electronic self-cleaning mechanism. The different types of TAF filter screens are designed for applications requiring filtration fineness of 500-10 microns and flow rates up to 50 m³/h (220 gpm).



Water enters the inner area of the filter (1) through the inlet (2) and flows through the screen to the filter outlet (3). The dirt particles accumulate on the inside of the filter screen and form a “filter cake” which causes a pressure differential.



During the self-cleaning process, while filtered water continues to flow, the filter flush valve (4) is opened and the drive unit (5) actuates the dirt collector (6). The spiral rotation of the dirt collector with suction nozzles moves over the inner surface of the screen and sucks the filter cake out through the flush valve.



The control system consists of an Electronic Flushing Controller (7), a 3-way solenoid valve (8) that operates the filter flushing valve and
a differential pressure switch (9) that measures the differential pressure across the filter screen and sends a signal to the controller when it reaches a preset value (usually 0.5 bar / 7 psi).

The controller begins a self-cleaning cycle under one of the following conditions:

1. On receiving a signal from the differential pressure switch
2. Upon reaching a time interval parameter set by the user
3. Manual start function on the controller keypad.

TAF automatic filter operation
Operation TAF self-cleaning filter


The TAF product line for self-cleaning plastic filters can be supplied with a 220 or 110 VAC drive unit:

– 2″ TAF 500 for flow rates up to 25 m³/h (110 gpm)
– 2″ TAF 750 for flow rates up to 25 m³ / h (110 gpm) and higher dirt loads
– 3″ TAF 750 for flow rates up to 50 m³ / h (220 gpm)

TAF 500 automatic filter
Technical drawing TAF 500

Dim: mm (inch)

TAF 500 pressure loss graph

Pressure loss graph – in clean water

2 inch TAF 750 self cleaning filter
2 inch TAF 750 technical drawing

Dim: mm (inch)

2 inch TAF 750 graph pressure loss in clean water

Pressure loss graph – in clean water

3 inch TAF self cleaning automatic filter
3 inch TAF 750

Dim: mm (inch)

3 inch TAF 750 graph pressure loss in clean water

Pressure loss graph – in clean water

3 inch TAF 750 automatic filter with flanges
3 inch TAF 750 flange dimensions

Dim: mm (inch)

3 inch TAF 750 flanges chart pressure loss in clean water

Pressure loss graph – in clean water

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Technical specifications TAF filters


Technical specifications TAF filters