Sterile filters

  • 100% AISI 316 construction
  • Complies with 97/23/CE PED directive
  • In accordance with 94/9/CE ATEX directive
  • 1935/2004/CE certification available upon request
  • AOFVCR: single cartridge with V-Clamp closure
  • AOFVCT: multiple cartridges with filter envelope independent of base
  • Suitable for gas Gr. 1 and 2 filtration
  • Suitable for direct installation on atmospheric tanks
  • Suitable for filter cartridges from 10″ to 40″
  • Suitable for CODE.7 filter cartridges
  • Suitable for sterilizing air and removing dirt particles


AOFV CR Series

  • Applications : Industry, sterilization air, dust, aeration and venting tank, …
  • Filtration medium : Filter cartridges according to application
  • Maximum final differential pressure : depends on type of filter
  • Maximum temperature : 100°C – higher on request / choice depends on filter cartridge.


Sterile filters prevent contamination, from both microbiological particles, dirt particles … of the liquids in storage tanks, coming from potentially contaminated , dirt-bearing or bacterial air.
During the processing phases of stored liquids or when refilling, fluctuations in tank levels generate positive or negative changes of pressure in these tanks with the risk of compromising stability.
For these reasons, atmospheric tanks must be equipped with appropriate safety systems such as rupture discs or vent valves,… as a result, vent filters help to maintain the mechanical stability of the tanks during the filling and emptying phases.


A breather valve or a rupture disk should always be installed on the tanks, both devices intervene in case of blockage of the breather filter cartridge, this is to avoid tank deformation.
When the stored liquids reach high temperatures, it is necessary to apply the steam/vapors originating on the filter body to prevent condensation on the cartridge surface.
In the case of tank steam sterilization, note that it is necessary to flush the filter with sterile air during tank cooling to prevent implosion due to the vacuum generated during steam condensation.


  • MAX. OPERATING CONDITIONS: 0.5 bar @ 100 °C
  • STERILIZATION: Depends on what kind of filter cartridge
    • HEAD (VCR series): – 316 SS micro casting
    • BASE (VCT series): – 316 SS
    • BOWL:- 316L SS
    • V-CLAMP (VCR series):- 316 SS micro casting
    • Internal: – Pickling – Manual polishing (option) – Electropolishing (option)
    • External: Manual polishing – Electropolishing (option)
  • FILTER HEAD FINISHING: Manual polishing
  • Sealing (VCR series): EPDM – Silicone – Viton – FEP
  • IN/OUT: DN25 1″ – DN40 1.1/2″ – DN50 2″ – DN65 2.1/2″ – DN80 3″ – DN100 4″ – DN150 6″
Afmetingen sterielfilter

Flow rates depending on the application and choice of filter cartridge – we will gladly support you

ModelDimensions [mm]ConnectionsVolumeWeight
VCR011Ø 88,9410DN 4023.5
VCR012Ø 88,9659DN 403.44.6
VCR013Ø 88,9910DN 504.85.7
VCR014Ø 88,91160DN 506.26.8
VCT031Ø 204438DN 6511.212.5
VCT032Ø 204687DN 651915
VCT033Ø 204936DN 802717.5
VCT034Ø 2041185DN 803520
VCT052Ø 273762DN 804027
VCT053Ø 2731010DN 1005432
VCT054Ø 2731260DN 1006837
VCT092Ø 323,8830DN 1005534
VCT093Ø 323,81080DN 1507540
VCT094Ø 323,81330DN 1509546