Sludge trap

  • box volume: 1 m³
  • filter fineness 5 to 1,000 μm
  • temperature: 0 to 80 °C
  • manual cleaning ✓
  • housing material: steel, stainless steel
  • effluent collector material: polypropylene, steel, stainless steel


The SLIBVANGER is widely used in wastewater management and in combination with an automatic backwash filter or separator to treat the backwash water. In this way, the consumption of backwash water can be reduced. The dirt particles are retained in the tubular filter membrane. The cleaned water is collected in the effluent collector and then, if applicable, pumped back into the system. Then the contents of the SLIBVANGER can be disposed of professionally.

2 x SLIBVANGER met dubbele effluent collector

2 x SLIBVANGER with double effluent collector

slibvanger met effluent collector

Sludge trap with effluent collector

slibvanger met effluent collector
D (mm)D1 (mm)D2 (mm)F (mm)G (mm)H (mm)volume (l)filter area (cm²)weight empty (kg)