Sideline™ Bag Filters

Highly reliable filter housing for most applications


  • Side input, bottom output
  • Lid can be opened in different directions
  • Integrated handle in the lid
  • Grommet for the bag pressed down by lid
  • Swivel eyebolt closure
  • Electro-polished basket made of SS 316 perforated plate
  • Height adjustable support legs (optional)
  • Prevents spillage of liquid when opening
  • Perfect accessibility, easy maintenance
  • Ergonomic and easy to open
  • Good 360º sealing of the filter bag
  • Easy and firm opening/closure
  • Perfect bag support, easy to clean
  • Stable and adjustable construction
  • Manufactured in Europe


  • A SIDELINE™ filter housing is a solid, cast steel filter in with good value for money
  • SIDELINE™ offers a choice between the regular standard eyebolt closure and the quick release closure with central locking bolt (T-bolt). Choice also between DN 50 or DN 80 flange connections as standard model.
  • Suitable for filter bag sizes 01, 02, 03 and 04.
  • SIDELINE™ made of 316 stainless steel also means superior corrosion resistance and consistent performance, year after year. A smooth glass-blasted finish and the minimum of 2 welds in the SIDELINE design make for an easy-to-clean interior.
  • All SIDELINE™ enclosures come with a five-year warranty.
  • Also available as standard is a special series of filter housings with CE marking.

SIDELINE™… for all heavy-duty industrial applications.

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1. The lid contacts the bag retention ring for a 360° seal without bypass. The lid adjusts to different opening directions.

2. Side-entry process media eliminates liquid spillage when lid is opened.

3. Perforated filter basket for reduced pressure drop.

4. Liquid enters the housing through a flanged inlet on the side and exits a similar outlet at the bottom of the housing.