SENTINEL® filter bags – LOZP

Filter bags with welded construction

SENTINEL® filter bags represent the industry standard for by-pass free filter construction. Available in polyester and polypropylene, all SENTINEL® filter bags feature:

– SENTINEL® pressure reactive sealing ring
– Silicone-free needle felt
– Super strong welded construction
– Constructed of fiber-free needle felt

Media: Polypropylene needle felt, Polyester needle felt

Patented construction

The patented construction method provides a solid, durable filter bag. All seams are fully welded, giving a strong, reliable bond without any by-pass or loose stitches. The seams are both strong and flexible, making it possible for the filter bag to conform
forms to the support basket. The felt edges are welded shut, this prevents possible loose fibers. This results in a filter bag with durable performance for the most demanding applications.


SENTINEL® sealing ring

All SENTINEL® filter bags feature the patented SENTINEL® seal. The solid plastic construction gives a flexible, chemical-resistant seal that adapts to any filter kettle. This unique design incorporates a pressure-activated sealing lip that responds to increasing differential pressure. As the pressure increases, the seal of the ring becomes stronger, thus ensuring by-pass free operation at any pressure level and at any temperature or micron passage.

The raised handles on the collar make removing the bag from the kettle quick and easy. When a SENTINEL® filter bag is placed in an installation, the ring snaps into place and remains in that position until the boiler is closed. Now, in applications where filter bags made of polypropylene or polyester needle felt are required, an all-welded construction can be used, equipped with a patented SENTINEL® ring.

Made of silicone-free material, these filter bags feature a super-strong welded bottom and side seam, instead of stitching. This construction gives the assurance, that there is no deflection of the filter medium through the holes in a stitching seam.

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