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Self-cleaning scraper

  • Provides an efficient filtration solution for almost any liquid: from thick viscous resin and adhesive to water.
  • Cleaning of the element without interruption of flow, without loss of system pressure or any loss of fluid.
  • Fully enclosed system with no operator contact with the liquid so ideal for hazardous or sensitive applications.
  • Cleaner and safer work area.
  • Manual or fully automated operation.
  • Reduces labor costs associated with more traditional filtration methods such as basket filters and bag filters and minimizes production downtime.


Strong slit sieve, ideally suited for viscous liquids. Manual or automatic cleaning possible.

Maximum working pressure: up to 14 bar at 50° (lower pressure at higher temperature) and up to 50 bar for the HD version (High Pressure)
Filtration finenesses: 50 micron to 6 mm


These self-cleaning scraper filters are used for filtration of virtually all liquids, from water to highly viscous liquids. The filter is cleaned fully automatically without manual intervention or interruption to the flow.
Available in all stainless steel construction. Choice of stainless steel or ‘food safe’ plastic scraper blades with ‘wipe clean’ technology.


  • Paint and coatings industry: Used as a fully automated quality control to ensure that paint, ink, varnish, etc. is free of unwanted particles in the processes and filling lines. Used to replace paint bag filters, open screens and other more labor intensive filtration methods.
  • General Industry: Used for filtration of various liquids used in the process to protect pipelines and equipment, as a quality control measure and to replace more manual filtration methods in general.
  • Paper industry: Often used for process water, for example to protect nozzles on paper-making machines, or for filtration of raw feed water and cooling water.
  • Water Industry: Used in industry for raw water filtration, usually before other finer filtration methods and in wastewater treatment plants.
  • Food: Used for example in the chocolate industry as quality control and in the meat industry for process water filtration.
Differential pressure Oxford autoomatic scraper
Self-cleaning scraper filter

HD VERSION (High Pressure)

The high-pressure self-cleaning filter is similar in size and operation to the low-pressure self-cleaning filter, but has a stronger goblet connected by flanges. The maximum working pressure of the high pressure self-cleaning filter is:

  • 50 bar for steel and stainless steel filters.