Polyline™ bag filters – LOFPB

All-plastic, rugged Polypropylene or PVDF construction for superior corrosion resistance.


  • Unique, one-piece molded body –> No seams, welds or crevices
  • Glass reinforced polypropylene construction –> High pressure and temperature resistance
  • Hand-removable “spin off” cover –> Easy to open, no tools needed
  • Integral installation flange –> Solid floor mounting
  • Double outlet connections –> One can be used as drain
  • Duplex model with CPVC valves available –> For continuous flow applications


  • POLYLINE™ filter housings have no metal components to rust or corrode. The glass fiber reinforced polypropylene withstands relatively high pressure/temperature combinations. Available for filter bag sizes 01 and 02. Severely aggressive liquids can be filtered by a PVDF version, size 02 only.
  • The cover is hand-removable without the need for any tools and features an all-plastic, built-in vent valve with integral 1/4″ gauge tap. The two bottom pipe connections are interchangeable as outlet or drain, allowing easy modification to in-line or loop piping arrangements to accommodate any installation design.
  • For applications that require continuous flow, a duplex model is available. Here, the flow never has to shut down for bag change-out. For contamination sensitive or severely corrosive filtration applications, POLYLINE is your best choice.
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Operating temperature/pressure for Polyine filter housings.