PLF Sediment filter


Before you consume the dirty water, it is best to have it treated by a filter that rids the water of contaminating particles. Our sediment filters are specially designed for filtration of dirty water and are very easy to install.
Install your sediment filter. Use your filtered water as much as possible and make comparisons at the end of the year. You will save money and also do your part for a better environment.

Nice touch, right?

Available filter typesPLFPR50PLFPR75
Height720 mm970 mm
Diameter259 mm259 mm
Connections50 mm (other available )50 mm (other available )
Max pressure6 bar6 bar
Max temperature40°C40°C
Flow rate max.18 m³/h18 m³/h
Available pleated polyester filter cartridges (cleanable)
PLOFP50sediment filter cartridge of 30 µ - filter area 4,6 m²
PLOFP75sediment filter cartridge of 30 µ - filter area 6,9 m²
Initial pressure loss pure water
PLOFP50± 5 mWK at 12 m³/h - ± 10 mWK at 18 m³/h
PLOFP75± 5 mWK at 18 m³/h - ± 10 mWK at 24 m³/h
sediment filter


When using a sediment filter cartridge, all suspended particles and all debris larger than the selected fineness of the filter element are removed from the water.


It is recommended to take out the sediment filter every month and rinse it. It is recommended to change the filter element at least every 6 months.


The filter cartridges can be removed without the use of any tools. Release the pressure from the system, unscrew the filter, remove the cartridge and put in the new one. Ready in 60 seconds. No other filter is more user-friendly.


Sediment filters are also well suited for treatment of tap water, groundwater, reclaimed water, cooling water and surface water.

sediment filter voor het filteren van regenwater
Filteren van regenwater met sediment filter
patronen voor sediment filter