PLF rainwater filter

Modern humans consume 120 to 150 liters of tap water per day. This tap water is far from cheap and, moreover, the price will continue to rise annually. In our regions, rainwater is abundantly and freely available and extremely suitable for many domestic uses.

You can easily reduce tap water consumption by more than half through efficient use of rainwater. Therefore, always use rainwater for toilets, for cleaning, for laundry and for watering the garden….

Moreover, for all these applications, rainwater is simply better than tap water, because rainwater is softer due to the fact that it contains virtually no lime.


Before you consume rainwater, it is best to have it treated by a fi lter that removes pollutants, color, odor and other undesirable substances from the water. Rainwater filters are specially designed to treat rainwater and are very easy to install. Install a rainwater filter. Use your rainwater as much as possible and make comparisons at the end of the year.
You will save money and also do your part for a better environment.

Nice touch, right?

Regenwaterfilter met actieve kool


When using a sediment filter cartridge, all suspended particles and all debris are removed from the water.
The activated carbon makes the water clear, odor- and chlorine-free, removes any hydrocarbons and absorbs all organic pollutants.


It is recommended to take out the sediment filter every month and rinse it. Every 6 months, replace the sediment filter with a new one. The activated carbon basket requires no special attention, but the filter material should be replaced with new activated carbon every 6 months.


The filter cartridges can be removed without the use of any tools. Release the pressure from the system, unscrew the filter, remove the cartridge and put in the new one. Cartridges can also usually be cleaned and reused a few times. Ready in 60 seconds. No other filter is more user-friendly.


Rainwater filters are also great for treating tap water and groundwater. In addition to activated carbon, the cartridges can be filled with other media such as resins or zeolites.

Regenwaterfilter installeren
Available filter typesPLFPR50PLFPR75
Height720 mm970 mm
Diameter259 mm259 mm
Connections40 mm40 mm
Max pressure6 bar6 bar
Max temperature40°C40°C
Flow rates3-4 m³/h3-5 m³/h
patronen actieve kool voor regenwaterfilter


  • PLOFP25: sediment filter cartridge of 5, 10, 20 or 30 μm
  • PLOFM50: filter basket with 10 liters of activated carbon
  • PLOFM75: filter basket with 10 liters of activated carbon combined with a sediment filter cartridge of 5, 10, 20 or 30 μm