Plastic simplex basket filter

  • Threaded lid
  • Low pressure loss
  • Wide selection of baskets
  • In-Line or loop piping design
  • Real gland connections
  • Hand removable lid
  • Integrated, flat mounting base


  • Stainless steel mesh baskets
  • EPDM seals

The Plastic Simplex Strainer is the answer for filtration applications in corrosive or ultra-pure plants. No metal is used in its construction so sensitive liquids cannot become infected. And because it is plastic, this simplex strainer will never rust. Another advantage, often overlooked, is that the filter never needs to be painted or coated. It will last for years and function in applications where a metal screen would need to be coated or painted just to survive.

Perforated plastic baskets, made of the same material as the filter housing, are standard. For applications requiring fine meshes, the baskets can be made of stainless steel, extending the application flexibility of this basket filter.

Replacing or cleaning the basket couldn’t be easier. The lid pivots off by hand, no tools are needed. And because of the strainer’s light weight, installation is tremendously easy.

Plastic simplex strainers can be used in many applications, even those you might have thought would require metal filters.
Thinking about replacing a metal filter with a plastic filter to take advantage of lower costs and better corrosion resistance? Then look at the temperature/non-shock pressure chart first to see if your application falls within the range of the plastic material. If it does, and chemical resistance is not a problem, then the other consideration is the actual installation itself.
Contact us for specific recommendations for your system.

These recommendations can include such things as proper alignment of the filter in the piping system to avoid stresses, proper support for the filter, and installation of coils of plastic pipe or expansion joints.

Filtermat plastic single basket filters are the answer for highly corrosive or ultra-pure applications. They are available in PVC and CPVC in sizes up to 8˝ – with sleeve, threaded or flange connections. They are rated for 10.34 bar @ 21°C for most applications.


slectie tabel voor plastic strainer


afmetingen plastic korffilter 1/2" tot 4"
Afmetingen kunststof strainer 6" en 8"

Inches / Millimeters

Tabel met alle afmetingen van de plastic strainer


kunststof korffilter

* For water with clean, perforated basket


Drukval bij plastic strainers

The above Cv factors were determined using a 1/16˝ perforated plastic basket in 1/2˝ to 4˝ filters and a 5/32˝ perforated stainless steel basket in 6˝ and 8˝ filters. For other sizes of perforations, multiply by the correction factor in the table above.


temperatuur - druk grafiek voor plastic korffilter


The pressure loss for a 2˝ simplex filter in water operation, with a clean 100 mesh basket at 40 gpm, would be: (40 / 55)2 = 0.5 x correction factor of 1.20 = 0.6 psi


  • The 1/2˝ to 1˝ filters can be ordered with a 1/32˝ or 1/16˝ perforated plastic basket.
  • The 1-1/2˝ and 2˝ with a 1/32˝, 1/16˝, 1/8˝, or 3/16˝ perforated plastic basket.
  • The 3˝ and 4˝ with a 1/16˝, 1/8˝ or 3/16˝ perforated plastic basket.
  • The 6˝ and 8˝ with a 1/8˝ or 3/16˝ perforated plastic basket.
  • Stainless steel baskets for all sizes of filters are available in these perforations: 1/32˝, 3/64˝, 1/16˝, 5/64˝, 7/64˝, 1/8˝, 5/32˝, 3/16˝, 1/4˝, 3/8˝, 1/2˝; and in mesh sizes: 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 200, 325


  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride) – Type 1, cell rating in accordance with ASTM D-1784
  • CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) – Type 4, Class 1, cell rating in accordance with ASTM D-1784

Operating pressures and temperatures Pressure drop curves – Simplex baskets 10 bar nominal plastic baskets

drukval grafieken plastic Y filter

Pressure/temperature relationship of Filter mat pipe basket materials. Working pressure (non-shock) figures are the maximum recommended for the indicated temperatures.

Pressure drop curves Duplex baskets

drukval grafieken plastic strainer

Pressure drop curves – Simplex baskets


drukval grafieken plastic korffilter


drukval grafieken kunststof strainer