Oxic pellets – chemical filter

  • Active ingredient : potassium permanganate
  • Base material : Aluminum oxide
  • Shape : spherical
  • Size : dia. 3 mm
  • Color : purple
  • Impregnate content : minimum 4%
  • Moisture content : 20% maximum
  • Bulk density : 800 kg/m³
  • Standard packaging : box of 27 liters (24 kg)

All filters have a very high capture capacity and excellent efficiency. The filters with OXI grains ensure that your environment/spaces are kept free of gases that are harmful to humans and animals and that can affect your equipment and our cultural assets.

OXIkorrel has potassium permanganate as an impregnate. This is a very strong oxidizer and reacts with a very wide range of harmful gases. The medium removes the following gases from the air, among others : H2S, SO2, SO3, NO, O3, HCl, Ethylene, Formaldehyde, Methyl/Ethyl and Mercaptans.


  • The active ingredients are measurable
  • A lifetime prediction is thus possible
  • Resistant to high relative humidity up to 95%
  • Thousands of types of gases can be eliminated
  • Very high capture efficiency
  • Desorption impossible due to irreversible chemical process
  • Preheating not required with direct outdoor air intake
  • Low air resistance
  • UL 1 class (non-combustible)
  • Dispose of as non-chemical waste after use


  • Preventive conservation : archives, museums and libraries
  • Corrosion prevention : paper mills, (petro)chemical industry
  • Odor prevention : water treatment plants, sewage pumping stations
  • General applications : restaurants, kitchens, offices, etc.