NW 32

  • Connection diameter: 1 1/4”
  • Flow rate: 6.5 m³/h at ΔP 0.2 bar
  • Working pressure: 10 bar
  • Max. temperature: 50°C


Water filter NW32 with connection size 1 1/4”
For domestic use


Cintropur less wasteCintropur innovative and ecological product


The CINTROPUR® filters, consisting of high-quality synthetic material, are suitable for both food and drinking water and use in the food industry.
The centrifugal CINTROPUR® screw transforms fluid flow into a centrifugal force. This causes the heavier dirt particles to be flung to the lower part of the filter bell, so that the filter stocking filters only the fine dirt particles according to the fleece fineness.



Protection of domestic plumbing piping and water installations by filtering solid dirt particles (soil, sand, etc.) suspended in the water.



Industry : Protection of plumbing piping, production machinery and tools
Agriculture : Filtration on watering pipes, of drinking water for livestock, of rain and well water
Community : Protection of plumbing piping and connected household equipment (hotels, restaurants, schools, high-rise buildings, etc.)



  • high flow
  • low pressure loss
  • centrifugal pre-filtration (with centrifugal force)
  • sturdiness and reliability
  • quick and easy cleaning thanks to the ball valve
  • visual inspection for filter contamination (transparent bell)
  • the filter fleece system is exclusive, ecological and inexpensive



The transparent filter bowl allows visual inspection for filter contamination. Mounting of two pressure gauges is possible.


The filter bell is assembled and disassembled by hand.


By hand without tools due to included connection fittings.

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Parts - refills

No.Ref. FiltermatFor filterDescription
1NCOTENW25NW 18/25/32 filter head
2NCOCSNW25NW 18/25/32centrigugal screw
5NCOSUNW32NW 32 PVC support
6NCOADNW25NW 18/25/32sealing cover
9NCORANW32NW 32 (1 1/4")couplings 1 1/4"
11NCDCUNW25NW 18/25/32cover O-ring
12NCDRANW25NW 18/25/32coupling O-ring
13NCOODNW25NW 18/25/32vent
16NCONW32TNW 32transparent filter bowl
18NCOCUNW32NNW 32black filter bowl
20NCODINW32NW 32insert for active carbon
21NCOCLNW25NW 18/25/32wrench
22NCOBOLNW1814NW 18/25/321/4" globe valve
23NCOMANW2518NW 18/25/32pressure gauge 1/8"
24NCOEQNW25NW 18/25/32pp wall mount
25NCOEQNW25DDUO NW 25 (NW32)stainless steel wall mounting DUO



Filter sleeve (packed per 5 pieces)
Non-washable (polyester sleeve): 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 µm
Reusable: 150 µm, 300 µm
Inexpensive and environmentally friendly (only the filter fleece needs to be replaced)


Ref. FiltermatFinenessFor filter
NCONW320011 µmNW32
NCONW320055 µmNW32
NCONW3201010 µmNW32
NCONW3202525 µmNW32
NCONW3205050 µmNW32
NCONW32100100 µmNW32
NCONW32150150 µm Nylon NW32
NCONW32300300 µm Nylon NW32

Technical data

  • Filter type: NW32
  • Connection diameter: 1 1/4”
  • Average flow rate: 6.5 m³/h at ΔP 0.2 bar
  • Working pressure: 10 bar
  • Max. pressure resistance:16 bar
  • Max. temperature: 50°C
  • Weight: 2.10 kg/ 2.30 kg (with packaging)
  • Packaging: 562x155x126 mm
  • Pallet number: 64
  • Filter head: Polypropylene(PP) +20% GF – fiberglass reinforced polypropylene
  • Container: acrylonitrilestyrene (S.A.N.) – translucent and impact-resistant
  • Filter support: PP + 20% GF
  • Seal: 0 ring butadiene-acrylonitrile (NBR)
  • Centrifugal screw+ cover: polyethylene(PE)
  • Vent screw: Polyamide (PA) + Polyester (2K)
  • Key: ABS
  • Filter sleeve: Polyester (non-reusable) or nylon (reusable)
  • Filter area: 840 cm²
  • Standard equipment: filter fleece 25 μm, wrench, 2 x connection piece 5/4″
  • Option: wall bracket in PP with 30% GF, vent cock1/4″ nickel-plated and pressure gauges 1/8″ in brass
  • Other filter finenesses: non-reusable: 1μm – 5μm – 10μm – 25μm – 50μm – 100μm / reusable: 150μm – 300μm (set of 5 filter webs)



Cintropur W32 liquid filter dimensions.

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