Mobile dust extraction equipment

  • Suitable for extraction and filtration of welding fumes, fine and coarse dusts and small amounts of chips
  • Applications : Industry, Grinding, dust extraction
  • Filtration medium : Filter cartridges according to application
  • Maximum temperature : 70°C – higher on request
  • Powder coated steel panels
  • Designed to be to be used within the workspace.




These filter units are equipped with horizontal cartridges, suitable for extraction and filtration of welding fumes, fine and coarse dusts and small amounts of chips. They are composed of powder coated steel panels and pre-assembled with articulated arm flange connection model UNIVERSAL NO-SMOKE 3.3 mts (Standard) or EVOLUTION NO-SMOKE 3 meters (optional) both in dia 150 mm. They are designed to be used within the workspace.
The contaminated air is sucked through the inlet thanks to the depression created by the suction fan placed on the clean side.The filter unit consists of one vertical pre-chamber, where the heaviest dust is sorted out and then falls into a first collection tray (A). The next labyrinth, along with the highly efficient filter cartridges, complete the filtration of the remaining fine dust that enters the second bin (B) is captured. The powerful fan, placed just on top of the unit, provides high suction capacity and low noise level, the clean air is exhausted through an upper grille. Thanks to the automatic pneumatic cleaning system (with compressed air), the JETCLEAN DF ensures the perfect efficiency of the filter cartridges. The CLEANING DF unit is instead equipped with disposable filter cartridges.

Mobiele afzuiging lucht - opvangbak A DF1
Mobiele afzuiging lucht - opvangbak A FD2
Mobiele afzuiging lucht - opvangbak B


Hoe werkt mobiele luchtafzuiging
  1. Entrance polluted air
  2. Parting room
  3. Collection tray
  4. Collection tray
  5. Filter cartridges
  6. Fan
  7. Output clean air
  8. Pressure vessel
  9. Hour meter – On/Off switch

Changing filter cartridges

The cartridges are easy to replace due to their horizontal design.

Filterpatronen vervangen jetclean mobiele stofafzuiging
Hoeveel werktuimte kan een mobiel afzuigtoestel filteren