Maxiline™ VMBF Bag Filters.

A user-friendly, cost-effective filter housing for high-volume applications with frequent filter bag changes


  • HAYWARD QIC-LOCK spindle quick release lock
  • Simple, safe and effective sealing of the bag by 3-point compression ring or bayonet closures
  • Fluid distribution inside the boiler
  • Proven bag filter design
  • Operator friendly, simple, fast bag change
  • Ideal for productions with frequent bag changes, e.g. batch productions
  • Easy installation and positioning of bags, excellent sealing characteristics
  • Minimal pressure loss, easy cleaning
  • The standard filter design can be easily adapted to individual process or application requirements


  • QIC-LOCK quick release mechanism ensures easy, operator-friendly and secure operation with minimal stopping times to increase productivity and reduce operating costs.
  • Unique 3-point compression or bayonet fasteners ensure a high quality seal between each filter bag and the boiler housing. Special tools (included) offer you easy and effective operation.
  • A balance device provides excellent balance and almost weightless opening of the lid. Opening and closing the lid “with the little finger” is now a reality. A positive o-ring seal offers easy and safe use.
  • Side inlet and bottom outlet offer easy and complete draining, a tangential outlet is available as an option to reduce the height of the filter housing.
  • All parts in contact with the liquid are made of stabilized stainless steel, which guarantees high corrosion resistance to a wide range of liquids.
  • The optimum boiler volume minimizes product loss.
  • 6 standard sizes from 4 to 24-bag filter housings are available (size 01 and 02).
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