Maxiline™ MDE Bag Filters.

A user-friendly, perfectly sealing filter housing for safe filtration and minimal product loss. Ideal for long-term production processes requiring highest filtration quality.


  • Standard design with swivel eye bolts and lid balancing device
  • Simple, safe and effective sealing of the bag due to the flat lid
  • Fluid distribution via individual inlet per bag
  • Proven design, sturdy and reliable, easy to use
  • Possibility of false batches caused by poor bag sealing or dirt transfer is eliminated, easier to clean and maintain.
  • Laminar flow optimizes cake building


  • The flat lid design eliminates the need for additional sealing rings.
  • Together with SENTINEL® filter bags, efficiencies of up to 99.98% are attainable – truly absolute filtration. Under pressure, the unique pressure-reactive edge of each SENTINEL® ring seals directly against the lid, providing a perfect, by-pass-free seal.
  • The flat lid design also minimizes the amount of residual product left on the inside of the lid after opening. This reduces product loss, the potential for spills and makes cleaning easier.
  • Direct feed to the filter bags, each with its own inlet, generates laminar flow, ensuring optimal cake build-up for improved results.
  • The housing is designed with a proven locking mechanism consisting of pivoting eye bolts.
  • A balance device provides excellent balance and almost weightless opening of the lid. Opening and closing the lid “with the little finger” is now a reality.
  • Side inlet and bottom outlet offer easy and complete draining, a tangential outlet is available as an option to reduce the height of the filter housing.
  • All parts in contact with the liquid are made of stabilized stainless steel, which guarantees high corrosion resistance to a wide range of liquids.
  • 2 standard 4-bag boiler designs are available (size 01 and 02).
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