LOFCLEAR™ filter bags – LOZLCR

Cost-effective filter bags for absolute filtration applications


  • long life
  • do not contain extracts or lubricants such as silicone oils
  • suitable for oil removal in the paint and coating industry.
  • high efficiency
  • three-layer sewn construction
  • excellent choice for filtration of very pure liquids with low particle concentration
  • extra large absorption capacity

Cost-effective filter bags for absolute filtration applications

LOFCLEAR™ filter bags today make absolute filtration possible in many applications, where previously only standard filter bags were used, because of lower cost. The LOFCLEAR™ filter bags do not contain extracts or lubricants such as silicone oils in accordance with foodstuff requirements. Therefore, they are made of 100% pure polypropylene. In addition, the oil-absorbing properties make LOFCLEAR™ filter bags particularly suitable for the desired oil removal in the paint and coatings industry.


Two series for each application

LOFCLEAR™ filter bags are available in two series: series 100 and series 500. Due to their efficiency and long life, these two series make it possible to meet a wide range of applications. Series 100 filters consist of a multi-layer construction for applications, where high efficiency is of utmost importance. The Series 500 filters consist of a patented and pleated construction to increase surface area. This makes them suitable for applications requiring high dirt trapping capacity and long life.


Perfect for removing gel-like materials

LOFCLEAR™ filter bags have proven, to be highly effective for the removal of gel-like contaminants. The combination of filter media with deep-acting microfibers break up these gel particles and hold them inside the layer. These features prevent the filter bag from blocking prematurely and the gel particles from being pushed through the filter layer due to the higher pressure. This is typical of standard filter bag materials.

filtratie afscheidingen van lofclear filterzakken

LOFCLEAR™ series 100 filter bags

LOFCLEAR™ Series 100 filter bags possess a three-layer sewn construction welded to the SENTINEL sealing collar. They exhibit efficiencies >99% over a wide range of particle sizes and dirt collection capacities up to 250 gr.

The eight models are characterized by:
– Polypropylene pre-filter
– Melt blown polypropylene microfiber end filter
– Polypropylene outer layer against fiber release

LOFCLEAR™ Series 100 filter bags are an excellent choice for filtration of very pure liquids with low particle concentration, for oil absorption and activated carbon removal and as a first protection filter.

The LOFCLEAR™ 128 and 129 are specifically designed for the filtration of electro-coatings in the automotive industry. The multilayer filter cartridge allows the pigment particles to pass through. Impurities and silicone oil, as well as other crater-forming substances, are retained in the filtration layers. The LOFCLEAR™ 130 filter bag has an extra large absorption capacity for holding larger amounts of oil or other crater-forming substances.
Furthermore, the LOFCLEAR™ 135 has an even higher efficiency and larger oil collection capacity especially for clearcoat applications, where pigment particle removal is not applicable.


LOFCLEAR™ 500 series filter bags

LOFCLEAR™ Series 500 filter bags feature all-welded construction with a multi-layer, pleated pre-filter.
This combination provides high efficiency with long life.
The pleated pre-filter is followed by a complex design of final filter layers, which allows difficult-to-filter gels and deformable particles to be removed with a large particle loading capacity.
The outer fabric layer prevents the shedding of any fibers.


Considerations for use

Backflow support
LOFCLEAR™ Series 500 filter bags must be used with the FILTERMAT reflux support. This simplifies installation and guarantees you optimal support of the filter bag in the support basket. In addition, the filter bag is protected from the effects of accidental backflow.

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