High-flow filter cartridge for GRP housing

  • Large-area polypropylene or fiberglass media operating in “out to in” mode.
  • Robust stainless steel cage and core available
  • Nylon end caps available as an option
  • Available with various connectors to allow retrofit of existing high current systems
  • Special CRY Cryptosporidium grade designed for food and beverage applications.
  • All patterns are thermally bonded and adhesive free
  • Meets the requirements for materials used for articles in contact with food as described in CFR Title 21, as well as the relevant European directives.
  • Manufactured under strict control with batch number identification, for full traceability of all components.
  • Extended life versions available

  • Dimensions:
    • outside diameter: 153 mm
    • typical area (per 40″): 5.2 – 10.7 m²
  • Max. working temperature: PP: 80°C – PS / PN: 100ºC
  • Recommended maximum differential pressure: Forward Flow: 4.0 Bar @ 20°C
  • Construction materials:
    • Filter media: P-Polypropylene (0.5 – 1 – 5 – 10 – 20 – 50 – 70 and 90 μm)
      G-Borosilicate glass fiber with epoxy resin binder (0.5 – 1 – 2 – 5 – 10 – 20 and 40 μm)
    • Housing, core and end caps: P – all polypropylene
      S – polypropylene end caps and 304 St.St. core and housing
      N – Nylon end caps and 304 ST.ST. core and housing
    • Extended life PP: 5, 10 and 20 µm

Product validation guide available upon request. All FiltaPleat 2 cartridges are manufactured under strict control with batch number identification, making all components fully traceable.


FiltaPleat 2 are cartridges with large filter surface area for maximum efficiency and exceptionally high capacity.
Developed for large-scale processes where high performance is required, they contain advanced pleated depth media that provide low pressure loss and high dirt holding capacity.
This makes FiltaPleat 2 cartridges the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.
Large diameter pleated cartridges are made of polypropylene or borosilicate glass microfiber depth media. The standard version is manufactured with polypropylene end caps and internal support core.

Filtermat Filters also offers cartridges manufactured with stainless steel cage and core and nylon end fittings. These are particularly suitable for applications where higher temperature ratings are required or compatibility may be an issue.
Thermal welding processes seal all components, eliminating adhesives and extractables and maximizing pattern integrity. Proprietary developments have optimized the folding package, maintaining rigidity at all flow rates.

drukverlies high flow filterkaars voor GRP behuizing
drukverlies high flow filterkaars voor GRP behuizing


Filtermat Filters manufactures a range of stainless steel and plastic housings for FiltaPleat2 filter cartridges, including the Glass Reinforced Plastic housings with super duplex end fittings. These enclosures are particularly suitable for brackish or seawater applications. Please consult our sales office for more information on these series.


  • High flow rate and long life to minimize filtration costs
  • Filters up to 60″ in length can be quickly replaced
  • Absolute filtration efficiency (Beta 5000) for consistent and reliable performance
  • Available in many finenesses (0.5 – 50µm) so suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Extended life version for more challenging applications
  • Stainless steel cage and core and nylon end caps versions available for more aggressive processes


Food and beverages: bottled water, beers, wines, polishing lines, general purification
Pharmaceutical: solvent discharge, raw water supply, batch moves
Fine chemistry: polymers, acids, bases, solvents
Water treatment: pre reverse osmosis, UV protection, resin trap
Automotive industry: wash solutions, coolant, blanking wash oils, electrophoretic paints
Oil & gas: Water injection systems for oil and gases, amine flows, glycol
Energy generation: water treatment (boiler feed sweetening), return condensate line