• Filtration medium: Filter cartridges according to application
  • Filtration class: 99.97% HEPA cartridges
  • Maximum temperature : 55°C – higher on request
  • Applications: Industry, milling, mist extraction, metalwork



  • Substantial savings in maintenance and operational costs
  • Cleanable elements – lifetime 1-2 years
  • Compact construction with special design making maintenance very easy.
  • High efficiency – 99 – 99.97 %.


By removing oil and emulsion mist from the turning/milling machine, mist filters ensure a healthy working environment. Heat and nuisance odors are effectively dissipated and the emulsion/oil can be reused. These units can be deployed on lathes, f r e e esks.
These units can also be used for extraction of welding fumes because we can equip them with HEPA filter cartridges.

Working on the principle of centrifugal impaction, a drum equipped with coalition mats pulls off the small aerosol particles and forces them to collide and coalesce as droplets, before they are discharged back to the machine. Both liquid and air are recycled without loss. No filter can handle mist, spray, dry smoke and chips as efficiently. Now the modular system offers the most effective combinations for filtering any polluting mist.

nafilter hepa filter voor filtermist

Afterfilter standard type

  • For soluble emulsions
  • Filtering water mist,
  • particle ≥ 0.5 μm
  • 410 mm high


The units are easy and inexpensive to install. They are light, compact and can be mounted either on the machine itself or on a stand.
Points to watch out for:
Open machines – a hood of the fume hood type must be used about 200 mm from the emission point, ensuring that no liquid droplets and chips are collected (about 13 m³/min per hood).
Permanently closed machines have about 3 – 4.5 m³/min for every 0.1 m² of open space around the shield.
Large, well-sealed machines with frequent doorways may require 6-10 air changes/min.
The location of the extraction point is most important, because through careful consideration, relatively small amounts of air can be used to achieve ample extraction effectiveness.
The lines should be kept as straight as possible and the drain hose should be taken to the machine’s sump for reuse. The end should not be submerged in water.

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