Filter panel made of coir – cleanable

Suitable for both liquid filtration and air filtration


  • Applications : HVAC, Industry, pre-filters compressors, dust extraction, droplet former,
    coalition mat, sludge separation
  • Frame : thickness 10 mm to 100 mm available
  • Filtration medium : coir
  • Filtration class according to ISO COARSE
  • Maximum final differential pressure : 250 Pa
  • Maximum temperature : 70°C – higher on request
  • Maximum relative humidity : 100%


These koko mats are divided into filter class G2, G3 or G4 and new standard ISO 16890 namely ISO COARSE.
Selected raw materials of natural origin.
These filters are a composite of natural rubber latex with coconut fiber or natural rubber latex, coconut fiber and animal hair types.
The production of these coco mats takes place in an industrial process within the guidelines of DIN 7716, among others. The filter mats can be cut and punched and the round filters are produced in many sizes. These filters are suitable for coarse filtration of dust as e.g. in air conditioning cabinets, industry, intake filter for engines etc.
Coconut fiber has a very high lignin content and is therefore very tough. Despite this toughness, it is also elastic. The fiber barely endures over time. To make the fiber resilient and allow it to create very open and ventilating structures, they spin the fibers into ropes. These ropes are turned into sheets and then sprayed with natural latex, sap from the rubber tree, to give structure and elasticity.

Filtratie met natuurlijke materialen - kokos

standard size = 1.2m x 2.0m other on request