Filter Cloth – ISO Coarse

FILTERMAT Filters has a full range of ISO COARSE air filters that we can offer to our clients.


  • Use as a pre-filter
  • HVAC application
  • Low initial differential pressure
  • High dust holding capacity
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Biden a long maintenance interval
  • Large area


Filter cloth – ISO coarse – Epm 10


In these new ISO16890 regulations, air filters must specify the following values:

  • ISO Coarse- percentage of coarse dust retained by the filter
  • ISO ePM1- percentage of fine dust ( < 1 µm ) retained by the filter
  • ISO ePM2.5- percentage of fine dust ( < 2.5 µm ) retained by the filter
  • ISO ePM10- percentage of particulate matter ( < 10 µm ) that the filter stops

Instead of categorizing an air filter into a particular filter class, it now details what percentage of which dust particles are retained by the filter. Each class will be provided with a certain minimum percentage. If a filter scores at least 50% on a given ePM, the corresponding designation can be used to indicate which “filter class” this filter falls under.

  • ISO Coarse- percentage of coarse dust retained by the filter

EN779:2012 = G3-G4 – now ISO coarse – 70-90 %.

  • ISO ePM10 – percentage of particulate matter ( < 10 µm ) retained by the filter

EN779:2012 = M5 – now Epm10 – 50-70 %.


Filter media / filter cloth are made of high-quality polyester fibers where the

progressive construction of the medium ensures that this filter medium has a high dust collection capacity. Filtermat has an extensive range of filter cloths and also fiberglass filter media that can be used for specific applications such asverfabines, pre-filtration. These filter cloths are available in cut-to-size or roll form.

Depending on your application you can choose from different types with their own unique filtration capabilities, these are available in filter class ISO Coarse to ePM10 with different dust holding capabilities and fire class. An additional big advantage to this filter is that here we are working with a progressive build-up filter medium, this gives us a higher dust collection, lower initial differential pressure but also a longer service life, which can reduce costs.