Ecocart multi filters cartridges

High volume flow through 5 comparable filter cartridges
Sediment or activated carbon filters from 10″ to 40″, for commercial or industrial use


  • 5 identical filter cartridges
  • very high flow rates
  • reliable spare parts support
  • robust, stainless steel housing
  • Filtration with activated carbon possible (EKF 520 only)



The ECOCART filters are designed for large water flow rates, as often required in industrial processes, which can no longer be realized with smaller filter housings. These filter housings are also suitable for private use, e.g. in apartment buildings, residential complexes, gastronomy or other areas of application where larger quantities of filtered water are required.
If pollutants such as drug residues, hormone-like substances, pesticides, etc. need to be reduced, filtration with a 5 µm dense activated carbon is an option. ECOCART housings are the only ones in the world that allow five-fold activated carbon filtration for a capacity of about 6000 l/h.

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ECOCART (EKF) cartridge filters are made of lightweight stainless steel for use with standard (DOE) cartridges. The filter housings are closed with a “V” clamp. Sealing by O-ring BUNA N, or FPM is possible upon request.
ECOCART cartridge filters are self-supporting (for the 500 series) or mountable on support feet (the 1200 series).
The covers are equipped with a 1/4″ gas connection for installation of pressure gauge or vent. The housings have 1/2″ gas connections at inlet and outlet.
DOE (Double Open End) type cartridges are firmly placed in the filter housing by a disc and spring system that holds the filter cartridges in place.

ECOCART cartridge filters are designed for standard DOE (double opening) cartridges with a maximum external diameter of 71 mm.

All four filters are technically identical and are each equipped with five identical filter cartridges (supplied), depending on the size of the housing, flow rates of up to 560 l/min. are possible. All cartridges are available in 5 µm, 25 µm, 50 µm and 100 µm, activated carbon filter cartridges only for the 20″ housing EKF-520-E. The larger cartridge filters EKF are also available on request from 1220-E (40.2 m³/h = 670 l/min.) to 2240-E (147 m/h = 2,450 l/min.).
Any spare parts needed are readily available at all times.

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