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Filter bags with extended life can improve your filtration process and save YOU money


  • Lower operating costs due to longer service life
  • DURAGAF™ filter bags are available in PEXLF and POXLF materials and comply with FDA and EC guidelines and food contact regulations
  • Special surface treatment significantly reduces fiber migration
  • Material is free of silicone and crater-forming substances
  • All-welded construction with patented SENTINEL® sealing ring ensures 100% bypass-free filtration. Pressure-activated SENTINEL® seal ring provides a flexible, chemical-resistant seal that adapts to any bag filter housing

DURAGAF™ for high performance

Extended Life filter bags are designed to save you money. DURAGAF™ filter bags represent the very latest in needlefelt bag filter media.
The unique structure of these filter bags delivers consistent performance, with a service life that is 2 to 5 times longer than standard needle felt. Lower consumption of filter bags, fewer interruptions, fewer man-hours for changing filter bags, less storage and less waste mean that overall filtration costs can be drastically reduced.


DURAGAF™ filter bags last longer

DURAGAF™ filter bags are available in two Extended Life needle felt materials: polypropylene (code POXL) or polyester (code PEXL). These two materials consist of a fiber blend with a much finer fiber diameter and greater thickness compared to a standard felt.
The result is a remarkably higher dirt collection capacity at the same efficiency and pressure differential. Productions run longer and require fewer bag changes when using DURAGAF™ filter bags.

Filter bags that last longer


All-welded construction for superior performance

All DURAGAF™ filter bags are 100% welded construction with a SENTINEL® collar. This construction eliminates rash through the seams and collar, which can happen with standard sewn filter bags.
This patented welding technology makes a super strong weld that holds up smoothly in the most demanding applications.


DURAGAF™ filter bags seal better in critical applications

The patented SENTINEL® collar is standard on all DURAGAF™ filter bags. This unique pressure-reactive ring seals better and better as the pressure difference increases.


No particle emission on the clean side

All DURAGAF™ filter bags are manufactured with a patented surface treatment on the outside to prevent fiber loosening. This special finish is obtained by glazing the surface and fusing the fibers together to provide a solid and secure outer layer. In addition, the welds are completely fused to bind any loose fibers created during the manufacturing process.


Applications in food and beverages

DURAGAF™ filter bags are also available as series POXLF and PEXLF, which meet FDA and EU requirements for food contact.

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