DOAOF series

  • Substantial savings in maintenance and operational costs
  • Energy-efficient motors
  • Cleanable elements – service life 1-5 years
  • Compact construction with special design making maintenance very easy.
  • Odor removal by activated carbon cartridges
  • High efficiency – 99 – 99.97 %.
  • Filter indicator that shows if your cartridge is saturated.



  • Applications: Industry, milling, mist extraction, metalwork ,
  • Filtration medium: Filter cartridges according to application
  • Filtration class: HEPA cartridges & cartridges with ACTIVE COLD
  • Maximum temperature: 55°C – higher on request


By removing oil and emulsion mist from the turning/milling machine, mist filters ensure a healthy working environment. Heat and nuisance odors are effectively dissipated and the emulsion/oil can be reused. The DOAOF units can be used on lathes, f r e e e banks. These units can also be used to extract e.g. welding fumes because we can equip them with active carbon & HEPA filter cartridges.


Integrated with several patented technologies

DOAOF has applied advanced air purification technology to develop the high-performance oil mist air cleaner, which is excellent for filtering oil mist, haze, aerosol and smoke. The design of the oil and air separation follows the European standard. The oil mist air cleaner integrates many innovative designs and offers the best possible oil mist filtration and collection effect.

This oil mist air cleaner has a higher airflow rate, greater temperature resistance and better acid/alkali resistance. The filtration efficiency reaches 99% ~ 99.97%. Moreover, an actual compliance test for environmental protection indicates that it can reach H13, which exceeds the European standard. It also reinforces the fact that this oil mist air purifier is unique in terms of efficiency and zero pollution.

Voorfiltratie nevelafzuiging

Filters oil mist/water mist down to 2 μm

This specially designed pre-filter with its unique 70° design creates a rotational movement of the incoming air giving you your first separation of mist & dirt particles here.

Filtratie van nevel met hoge efficiëntie

Highly efficient glass fiber filter medium


Filer efficiency increased by 20% by design

  • Separation efficiency: 99~99.97%
  • Filter fineness: 0.01micron
nafilter voor nevelafzuiging S-serie

S series (Standard type)

  • For soluble emulsions
  • Filtering water mist, particle ≥ 0.5 μm
  • 300 mm high
nafilter voor nevelafzuiging P-serie

P series (Standard type)

  • For oil-based emulsion
  • Filtering oil mist, particle ≥ 0.03 μm
  • 400 mm high
nafilter voor nevelafzuiging PL-serie

PL series (Long-acting type)

  • For oil-based emulsion
  • Filtering oil mist, particle ≥ 0.02 μm
  • 600 mm high
  • Filtration area increased by 200%
nafilter nevelafzuiging PM-serie

PM series (Hoof efficiency type)

  • For toxic oil emulsions
  • Filtering oil mist/smoke, particle ≥ 0.01 μm
  • 600 mm high
  • With activated carbon.
afmetingen nevelfilter
technische gegevens filter voor nevel afzuiging


Various types of machines and tools
CNC lathes, multi-purpose lathes, machining centers, milling machines, toothing machines, grinders, automatic lathes, column drills, broaching machines, transfer machines and gun drills.

Moulding machines
Injection molding machines, injection molding machines (resins) and large presses.

Additional applications
Mold equipment, induction shrink equipment, rolling mills, rolling machines, head units, lens beveling, lens grinding, ceramic processing, glass processing, washing units, coating equipment, air blowers for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.


What is particulate matter?

“Fine Particulate Matter” consists of fine particles suspended in the air with a size smaller than 10, 2.5 & 1 μm (hereafter referred to as ePM10, ePM2.5 – ePM1).

Where does particulate matter come from?
e.g. ePM 2.5 particles are created by nature and by human behavior. Natural sources include volcanic eruptions and the Earth’s crustal rocks. Human sources include combustion processes, such as petrochemical fuel, industrial discharges and moving waste gases. ePM2.5 particulate matter is also composed of different chemical materials.


Suction nozzle for mobile arm

afzuigmond voor nevelafzuiging

Support foot for mobile arm or standard device

steun voor nevelafzuiging

Standard included per unit

standaard geleverd bij filter voor nevelafzuiging