• Applications: Industry, chemical, food , metal, …
  • Filtration medium: Filter mesh and filter cartridges according to application
  • Maximum temperature: standard 60°C (higher on request)


Due to the design of the demister in combination with an additional pre-filter, we can even achieve a filtration range down to 1 μm.
Housing made of PP and the wire-woven gasket can be chosen from plastics
(PP, PVC, PVDF, PTFE, …) or from metal (Aluminum, stainless steel, Hastelloy, …)


Demisters are used to remove droplets from an air or gas stream. These drops will collide in the demister against a wire-woven panel/demister of a certain thickness . These droplets will coalesce into larger droplets at the intersections of the wires and, when large enough by weight, will fall down against the airstream.

The separation efficiency, which is influenced by the specific surface area and wire thickness of the demister, increases with an increase in air velocity. However, the maximum permissible speed should not be exceeded because of the risk of droplet transmission .

The achievable droplet separation for woven demisters with an efficiency >99.9% is generally valid for droplets with a size around 10μm.

Hoe werkt een mist filter


installatie van een demister achter een voorfilter