Dedusting filter cartridges

  • Applications : Industry, dust extraction, grinding, blast rooms
  • Filtration medium: Cellulose paper, polyester, polypropylene, Teflon membrane, anti-static filter paper
  • Filtration class : up to 0.2 micron filtration
  • Maximum end shield pressure: see info below
  • Maximum temperature: from 60 to 150°C – higher on request



” Their design allows us to place more patterns
” Energy saving
” Very high filtration efficiency
” Longevity
” Due to their design, these can be easily replaced


The production range of filter cartridges has a wide variety of diameters, from 100 mm to 660 mm, widths up to 2000 mm.
The filter surfaces are very high compared to traditional filter sleeves.

The most prominent features of our filter cartridges are:

  • quick assembly
  • careful construction
  • low consumption of compressed air for cleaning
  • competitive prices.

Each filter element can be equipped with more than 100 models of mounting flanges.
Our manufacturer uses only top quality filter media such as: polyester, polypropylene, cellulose and all certified by the German IFA-BGIA Institute.
The wide range of finishing treatments includes Teflon coating, waterproofing, oil-proofing, flame retardant, anti-static coating, etc.
The production process for filter cartridges is characterized by maximum flexibility.
Each department uses state-of-the-art machinery and production processes are optimized daily.
Our manufacturer has on site all the machinery needed to manufacture complete filter cartridges.

ATCAR … series – description and purpose of filtration with filter cartridges

The purpose of IFA-BGIA is to ensure worker safety.
The filter elements are analyzed by determining the use classes L, M, H. Furthermore, IFA-BGIA has defined an exposure limit value (AGW) that can no longer ensure the safety of workers. The exposure threshold of a pollutant is the concentration in air that a person can inhale for 15 minutes without direct toxic effects.
The test IFA-BGIA is performed based on the following parameters:

  • Crossing speed 0.056 m/s
  • Quartz powder at a concentration of 200 ± 20 mg/m3
  • Variable granulometry from 0.2 to 2 microns


IFA-BGIA: Professional Institute for Safety at Work (Bonn, Germany).
AGW: Occupational exposure limit (Arbeitsplatzgrenzwerte).

ontstoffings filterpatronen met hoge efficientie
luchtafzuiging industrie
ontstoffingspatronen voor industrie
ontstoffing hout atelier
Ontstoffing van werkplaats
Luchtfiltratie voor atelier houtbewerking

ATCA R.. series – types of filter media and application

Technische gegevens ontstoffingspatronen

M = dust filtration values according to AGW values ≥ 0.1 mg/m³ / max permeability < 0.1%
L = dust filtration values according to AGW values > 0.1 mg/m³ / max permeability < 1%
H = dust filtration /aerosol values according to AGW values max permeability < 0.005%

Filterpatronen met bajonet aansluiting

Filter cartridges with bayonet connection and external venturi

Filterpatronen met bajonet aansluiting en ingebouwde venturi

Filter cartridges with bayonet connection and built-in venturi

Cilinder filterpatronen met geïntegreerde dichting

Cylinder filter cartridges with integrated seal

Cilinder filterpatronen met schroefdraad aansluiting

Cylinder filter cartridges with threaded connection

Cilinder filterpatronen met dichting en flens

Cylinder filter cartridges with seal and flange


Filter cartridge

Reinigbare ontstoffingspatronen

Polyester medium filter cartridges can be washed several times, but it is recommended to use a cartridge a maximum of 3 times. After regenerating the cartridge according to the above procedure, it is possible to resume operation.