Container polyphosphate (anti-calcium)

Length: 248 mm
Diameter: 71 mm
Weight: 950 g


The polyphosphate granules prevent limestone from adhering to the walls of the pipes.


One of the possible solutions to reduce the negative effects of lime is polyphosphate. It forms an obstacle on the limestone and prevents it from forming and growing. The polyphosphate beads keep the limestone in suspension in the water so that it does not settle on the walls. So it is always present in your water, but does not stick to your pipes. This protects household appliances and water heaters, extending their life.

The anti-scaling filters are installed on the water supply line.
These cartridges are installed in F-Series or Pentair-Series casings. They contain food grade polyphosphate.

Note: Hot water up to 65°C can be easily treated, above this temperature the polyphosphates have no effect.