Cintropur Filter sleeve for NW32

  • Interchangeable sleeve for household filter NW32
  • Packed per set of 5 pieces
  • Non-washable (polyester sleeve): 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 µm
  • Reusable: 150 µm, 300 µm (nylon)


Cheap and environmentally friendly
(only the filter sleeve needs to be replaced)

Ref. FiltermatFinenessFor filter
NCONW320011 µmNW32
NCONW320055 µmNW32
NCONW3201010 µmNW32
NCONW3202525 µmNW32
NCONW3205050 µmNW32
NCONW32100100 µmNW32
NCONW32150150 µm Nylon NW32
NCONW32300300 µm Nylon NW32