Cartridge filter with quick release – up to 15 bar

  • 100% AISI 316L construction.
  • Suitable for operating pressures up to 15 bar.
  • V-Clamp closure requires no special tools to open or close the housing.
  • Heavy-duty V-Clamp closure as a standard item
  • The optional DIN 11851 closure also makes the housing suitable for gas filtration.
  • In-line in/out connections for easy installation.
  • O-ring seal between head and filter pot
  • Suitable for cartridge lengths from 10″ to 40″
  • Installation of DOE cartridges independent of the pot to allow the use of both “soft” and “hard” filter cartridges
  • Double O-ring positive seal with M6 or M7 fittings, eliminates the risk of fluid by-pass, especially when < 10 μm filter cartridges are used
  • Designed to allow visual inspection of the installed pattern before
  • Suitable for pleated filter cartridges with larger inner/outer diameter for higher flow rates


The AOFHC series filter housings with one filter cartridge are the logical extension of the AOFSC series: they can handle larger liquid or gas flow rates and have lower installation costs because the housing head is manufactured by extra-fine precision casting.
AOFHC series single cartridge filter housings are integrally manufactured in AISI 316L stainless steel to be chemically compatible with most liquids.
They are suitable for installing one filter cartridge in DOE, M6 or M7 arrangement, with lengths of 10″ – 20″- 30″ – 40″.
The main closure is ensured by a sturdy fine-molded V-Clamp quick-opener.
Threaded closure DIN 11851 is available as an option to use the AOFHCD series enclosures with hazardous liquids or gas.


Tabel afmetingen kaarsenfilter met snelsluiting
Afmetingen kaarsenfilter met snelsluiting


  • 8 bar @ 80 °C (V-Clamp)
  • 10 bar @ 100 °C (Rathmann)
maximale werkdruk kaarsenfilter met snel sluiting

For higher pressures and temperatures, contact Filtermat Belgium.
AOFHCR series housings are NOT SUITABLE for gas filtration.
The use of filter housings at safe temperatures and pressures depends on the filter element and seal.
If in doubt, contact Filtermat to verify chemical compatibility.


The maximum operating temperature depends on the material of the O-ring seal mounted in the head:

Maximale temperetauur kaarsenfilter is afhankelijk van de gebruikte dichtingen
  • Construction materials:
    • Head: AISI 316L micro-cast
    • pot: AISI 316L
  • Closure: V-clamp: AISI 316 – threaded closure DIN 11851: AISI 316L
  • Finish
    • Standard: Internally stained – externally hand polished
    • Optional: fully electro-polished
  • Connections
    • Inlet/exhaust: 11/2″ GAS-F
    • Outlet: ¼” GAS-F
    • Flange connections: ANSI, UNI, DIN, TriClover.