Cartridge filter high pressure up to 69 bar

  • Suitable for operating pressures up to 69 bar
  • Suitable for filter cartridges from 6″ to 40″
  • 100% AISI 316L construction
  • In-line in/out connections for easy installation
  • O-ring seal between head and pot
  • Installation of DOE cartridges independent of the pot to allow use of both “soft” or hard” filter cartridges.
  • Double O-ring positive seal with M3 or M7 fittings, eliminates risk of fluid by-pass, especially when < 10 μm filter cartridges are used
  • Designed to allow visual inspection of the installed filter cartridge before closing the jar
  • Support bracket available as an option


AOFSC series filter housings with one filter cartridge are integrally manufactured from AISI 316L stainless steel to be chemically compatible with most fluids. They accommodate one filter cartridge in DOE, M3 or threaded arrangement, with lengths from 6″ to 40″.
The head is secured to the pot with four threaded rods, making the AOFSCT series suitable for low-flow applications at high pressures. The head/flange section is manufactured by precision micro molding, while the seal is ensured by a polymeric O-ring seal.
The described type of head/hull closure and the O-ring seal make the housings of the AOFSCT series suitable for the filtration with high safety of both liquids and gas, even at very high pressures.


Asco SCT afmetingen kaarsenfilter
Asco sct kaarsenfilter afmetingen tekening
DP grafiek acso FSC kaarsenfilter

The indicated DP values refer to the housing only. With each individual pattern, check the flow diagram to determine the initial total DP . For liquids other than water, multiply the DP value by the specific gravity of the liquid.



  • 60 bar @ 30°C
  • 50 bar @ 100°C

In the CE countries where Directive 97/23/EC PED applies, the maximum working pressure must be reduced for certain types to remain within the scope of Art. 3.3.

The filters will not bear the CE mark as they fall under Art. 3, par. 3 of Directive 97/23/
CE PED. For higher pressures and temperatures, contact Filtermat.
The use of filter housings at safe temperatures and pressures depends on the filter element and seals used. If in doubt, contact Filtermat to verify chemical compatibility.

  • Maximum temperature: The maximum operating temperature depends on the material of the O-ring seal mounted in the head.
    • EPDM (Standard) 120 °C
    • Silicone 230 °C
    • FEP o PTFE 260 °C
    • Buna-n 120 °C
    • Viton 230 °C
  • Construction materials:
    • Head: AISI 316L micro-cast
    • pot and mounting: AISI 316L
    • Rods: AISI 316
  • Finish
    • Standard: Internally and externally stained
  • Connections
    • Inlet/outlet: 1″ NPT-F
    • Outlet: ¼” NPT-F
  • Optional accessories: Stainless steel support bracket – ANSI, UNI flange connections – Butt weld connections