AOFBFF bag filter

  • 100% AISI 316L stainless steel construction
  • Fully electrically polished
  • Suitable for pressures up to 20 bar (on request)
  • Hinged top lock for quick opening, with Rathman type bolts
  • Bottom outlet connection for complete housing drainage
  • O-ring head/body seal
  • Suitable for filter bags size 1,2,3,4
  • Suitable for bags with metal or plastic molded seal ring
  • Features stainless steel adjustable legs (size 3 & 4 only)
  • Standard version suitable for Delta P up to 4 bar (10 bar on request)

AOFBFF Series filter housings are integrally manufactured with AISI 316L to be chemically compatible with most chemical fluids.
The particularly sturdy design is made to withstand critical working conditions and repeated cycles of opening and closing.
The top cover and housing with flange are made with micro cast stainless steel 316L, complete with swivel bolts Rathmann type stainless steel 304.


Afmetingen zakkenfilter

1) Enclosures size 3 & 4 are supplied without legs
2) Dimension variable with adjustable height of legs

Afmetingen asco BFF roestvrijstalen zakkkenfilter

Dimensions are correct at the time of printing. Filtermat Belgium reserves the right to change these
without notice.

[PS V < 10000]
[PS V < 200]
AOFBFF 01310,5 bar @ 100 °C10,5 bar @ 100 °C
AOFBFF 01410,5 bar @ 100 °C10,5 bar @ 100 °C
AOFBFF 01110,5 bar @ 100 °C7,5 bar @ 100 °C
AOFBFF 01210,5 bar @ 100 °C6,5 bar @ 100 °C

The housings shown are suitable for the filtration of liquids with vapor pressure (at the maximum allowable temperature, TS)< 0.5 bar above atmospheric pressure.
By default, the enclosures will not have the CE stamp and CE certificate of conformity because they fall within the rules of Article 3, paragraph 3 of Directive 97/23/CE PED. (If necessary, we can deliver CE certification though)
For pressures and temperatures above the listed values, contact Filtermat Belgium.
The use of a filter at safe pressures and temperatures depends on the installed filter element and seal, with respect to the fluids handled. If in doubt, contact Filtermat to check the chemical for compatibility.

  • Max operating temperature: The maximum operating temperature is related to the material of the installed o-ring gasket:
    • EPDM (standard): 120 °C – Silicone: 230 °C – FEP: 260 °C – Buna-n: 120 °C – Viton: 230 °C – PTFE: 230 °
  • Construction materials:
    • Head, body and bag holder: AISI 316L
    • Rathman clamp and adjustable legs: AISI 304
  • Internal coating:
    Internal coating is available on request in different materials (Halar, ECTFE, epoxy paint etc)
  • Finish:
    • Internal/external: electrically polished (standard)
    • Optional:
      Stained or mechanically polished
  • Optional accessories:
    • Magnetic cartridges
    • Removable volume reducer
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