Active carbon cylinders – ECOCARB series

  • Applications: HVAC, Industry, odors, chemical fumes, food sector
  • Grain: thickness 3 & 4 mm available
  • Filtration medium: carbon
  • Maximum end shield pressure: 200 – 450 Pa
  • Maximum temperature: 80°C
  • Maximum relative humidity: 70%


Activated carbon filters to adsorb pollutants and odors




We are becoming increasingly aware of the negative attributes of our environment. Odor nuisance is a nuisance and we no longer tolerate it. Activated carbon is generally manufactured from coal, wood, or lignite, peat or coconut shells.Thermal or chemical activation significantly increases the internal surface area of the carbon through this activation.
Pores are subdivided by pore size. Micropores have a diameter of < 1 x 10 m, mesopores of 1-25 x 10 are above 25 x 10 m. In particular, the large number of micropores gives the activated carbon an extremely high internal surface area, which can be between 400 and 1500 m²/g. A few grams of activated carbon soon has an internal surface area the size of a soccer field.

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* Active carbon cylinder with double wall containing active carbon granules.
* For deodorizing/degassing airflows freestanding or for duct installation
* Standard equipped with pre-filter, class EU5/F5 DIN 24185/EN 779
* Standard equipped with hose connection
* Special impregnations possible these cartridges are standard not refillable / on request
* Cylinder made of galvanized steel

  • Cylindrical cartridges containing activated carbon granules.
  • These cartridges are designed for adsorption of organic,chemical vapors and deodorizing air, commercial kitchens etc.
  • The cartridges are made of galvanized steel and feature a hose connection.
  • Available with integrated pre-filter.
  • Large volume of activated carbon.
  • Longevity.

Application: industrial fumes,chemical fumes, welding fumes, commercial kitchens, …

  • Medium: Granules in flakes or sticks


We recommend always using a pre-filter with an activated carbon cylinder to extend the service life of the activated carbon filter and to save costs. We can supply these with integrated or external filter media.