Activated carbon

  • Active carbon Cintropur based on coconut shells.
  • For water treatment
  • Removes taste and odor from water.
  • Quality NORIT ROW 0.8 SCIN
  • Tub of 1.25 kg


Reduces chlorine and micro-pollutants such as pesticides and other dissolved organics.


Cintropur innovative and ecological product

  • Definitely one of the best types of activated carbon available on the market with very high adsorption capacity.
  • The time that the water to be treated and the activated carbon are in contact is an important factor regarding the effectiveness of the treatment. With the CINTROPUR TE models, water is sent over the entire filling activated carbon.
  • The significant amount of activated carbon that can be used in the CINTROPUR-TE filters (NW25TE 0.312 kg, NW32TE 0.613 kg) guarantees maximum service life. Lower flow rates give better results.
  • The life of a filter fill depends on the application. For drinking water, it is recommended to change the filling after 3 months (or 20,000 filter volumes), at least every 6 months.
  • The internal filter mechanism creates an excellent flow/pressure loss ratio (see graphs).
  • A very economical price for a filling with activated carbon.
  • A specially studied package designed for easy filling of the filter.
  • To keep the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon optimal, we recommend first installing a mechanical Cintropur filter, which in turn stops “solid” particles such as sand, rust and soil, etc.

Filling system NW25TE, NW32TE, NW500TE
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Vloeistof filter met actieve kool

Refillable activated carbon container for NW25TE-CTN and TIO

Cintropur hervulbare container voor actieve kool
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