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ACCUGAF™ Filter Bags for Applications Requiring Efficiency >99%

The ACCUGAF™ filter bag pushes the frontier of bag filtration far away from traditional designs. With efficiencies >99%, each ACCUGAF™ model delivers a highly cost-effective filtration solution in demanding applications. With the right one between these five types of filter bags, you optimize the lifespan yourself.

High efficiencies

– 100% welded seams
– Patented SENTINEL collar ring
– Melt-blown filter media in polypropylene or polyester
– No additives such as resins, binders or surface treatment


ACCUGAF™ polypropylene filter bags are made entirely of materials in compliance with FDA requirements for food contact materials. All materials are in accordance with US Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR Part 177 and EC Directives 2002/72/EC.


The ACCUGAF™ are excellent for food and beverage applications. Examples for some demanding applications for ACCUGAF™ filters include:

– Beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks filtration
– Very fine filtration in parts cleaning
– Final filtration of lacquers
– Final filtration of vinegar
– Removal of activated carbon in process systems
– Final filtration of hydraulic oil and lubricants

Filtratie afscheiding accugaf filterzakken hoge efficientie


Filtratie efficiëntie accugaf filterzakken

ACCUGAF™ filter bags are available in efficiency codes of 51, 53, 55, 57 and 59.
To select the right ACCUGAF™ filter bag for your application, use the chart and choose the desired separation level on the vertical axis and the particle size on the horizontal axis. Then find the bag efficiency code
(indicated by a colored line) closest to that point. Then you will have the most economical filter bag for your critical filtration application.


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