2″ 3″ Spin Klin disc filter

  • Highly accurate depth filtration of solids
  • Innovative disc technology holds back large amounts of solids
  • Long-term operation with minimal maintenance
  • Simple operation
  • Short automatic rinse with regulated water volume for reduced water consumption
  • No need to change filter media
  • Compact design


Automatic filtration system with discs for low to medium flow rates. (modular system)
Compact footprint.

  • Flow rates: 2″ SK: 10-120 m3/h – 3″ SK: 90-200 m3/h and above
  • Connection diameter: 2″ SK: 80 – 150 mm (3″ – 6″) – 3″ SK: 150 – 200 mm (6″ – 8″)
  • Filtration degree: 20 to 400 micron
  • Max. working pressure: 10 bar



The Arkal 2″- 3″ SpinKlin™ series are modular, plastic, automatic disc filters with a patented self-cleaning backwash mechanism.
The 2″- 3″ SpinKlin™ systems range in flow rate from 10 m3/h (44 gpm) to 200 m3/h (880 gpm) with filtration finenesses from 20 to 400 microns. Inlet/outlet from 80 – 200 mm (3″- 8″) diameter.


Arkal’s specially developed disc filtration technology works with thin, color-coded polypropylene discs with a specific micron size. The discs are grooved diagonally on both sides, in opposite directions. A series of discs are compressed by means of a preloaded spring.

The grooves of two adjacent discs, pressed together, create a series of intersections that form multiple particle traps. During the filtration process, the force of the spring along with the differential pressure firmly compresses these discs, providing exceptional filtration efficiency. Filtration occurs when water seeps from the outside to the inside of the filter element. Depending on the micron range, there are multiple crossing points in each lane, providing exceptional depth filtration.


  1. With your own filtered water
  2. With water from external source
  3. With compressed air


Activated by a predetermined time command or differential pressure, the system switches to backwash mode. The inlet valve closes while the flush outlet valve opens. During the backwash process, the pressure is released and the piston rises, releasing the pressure on the discs. Filtered water is then forced through the cleaning system placed along the frame with discs. At this stage, the discs spin freely, loosening the stuck particles and then washing them away.
During the flushing cycle, each filter section is flushed sequentially, while the other filter sections continue to deliver filtered water downstream to ensure flow. When a module begins its backwash cycle, the system valves automatically reverse the flow in that module, allowing filtered water under pressure to clean the filter downstream.


Each filter is sequentially flushed, while the other filters continue to deliver filtered water.
In the filter where backwash is active, the inlet and outlet valves as well as the outlet and supply are automatically opened and closed.
Pressurized water from an external source enters the filter through the outlet valve and flushes the filter.

ADVANTAGE: Deployable for low working pressure applications and high degree of fine filtration

3. AIR AIDED BACHWASH (for 2″ Spin Klin™ systems only)


  • Improved cleaning power, especially at fine filtration grades
  • Minimized rinse water volume
  • Low pressure operation
  • Reduced rewind time per filter element (<10 sec)
  • The air and water mixture at a minimum pressure of 2.5 bar generates the optimum cleaning performance in SpinKlin™ technology.

During the flushing cycle, each filter module is flushed sequentially while the other modules continue to deliver filtered water downstream to ensure the necessary flow rate. When a filter is flushed, the valves automatically reverse the flow in the filter tank and open the air valve of compressed air module. Compressed air is sent along to the cleaning system and supports the power of the cleaning.

Each backwash cycle requires a time delay to fill the water tank with clean water and air, making the total backwash cycle longer than normal systems.
A clean and dry air pressure source is required to operate the filtration system.

Available discs according to filtration fineness

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