Instructions for filling Cintropur filters with activated carbon


Description of the insert
Cintropur inzet stuk voor filters actieve kool
Operation and filling of the filter housing


  1. Remove the filter container from the filter head
  2. remove the head with perforated stainless steel grid (piece n° 1) from the PVC pipe (this is best done by pushing hard at the bottom of the head with your thumb while holding the PVC pipe)
  3. Place the tube with the suction basket (piece no. 3) at the bottom in the center of the filter bell with tip in the opening of the vent cap (models NW25 TE – NW32 TE and NW500 TE)
  4. gently push the centering device with 3 centering pins (piece no. 2) as deeply as possible until it has no more play and is thus perfectly centered
  5. pour the product (activated carbon, polyphosphates or other) into the bell up to max. 2 cm below the top of the bell and make sure that no product gets into the opening of the PVC pipe
  6. make sure the thread and seal are clean
  7. put the head with perforated stainless steel grid (piece n° 1) back on the PVC pipe
  8. Screw the bowl back into the filter head (models NW25 TE – NW32 TE – NW500 TE). For models NW50 TE – NW62 TE – NW75 TE, first assemble the bell and head together before it is sealed by the stainless steel clamping bracket

Note: It is possible that the piece n° 1 will remain in the filter head when unscrewing. It is then not necessary to remove it, consequently you should not follow steps 2 and 7.

vullen van de cintropur NW25TE met actieve koolstof