Filtermat Filters was founded in 1985 by Ing. Marcel De Bruyn and specializes in industrial filtration.
Our filter range now counts more than 3400 products, allowing us to offer you a full range of filters and accessories. In addition to our automatic self-cleaning liquid filters, you can also contact us for candle filters, filter candles, basket filters, filter elements, bag filters, filter bags, automatic belt filters, air filters, parts etc…

Meanwhile, sons Koen and Tom De Bruyn have also been running the company for more than 20 years so continuity is assured!

What can we offer you?

Our filters always meet the highest quality standards, we only work with reputable suppliers.

In our warehouse in Temse, we have 4000m² of storage space and our own production line to provide you with a suitable filter as quickly as possible.

Do you have a slightly older filter and are looking for replacements? Filtermat has a lot in stock and will be happy to help you find a solution.

To ensure that our filtration solutions are a perfect fit for your plant, we can also offer test filters in certain cases. Feel free to contact us for more info.

Marcel De Bruyn


Koen De Bruyn

Managing Director

Air and fluid filter specialist + technical support

Tom De Bruyn

Managing Director

Chemical & process fluid filter specialist + technical support

Barbara Stockmans

Tracking billing and payments

Robin d'Hoe

Robin D'Hoe

Account manager

Air and fluid filter specialist + technical support

Kristel Thiron

Head of Administration

Orders, Deliveries, customer management, quotations


Kelly Vanderveken


Orders, Deliveries, shipments, quotations

Frank Mees

Warehouse Management

Our specialization

Filtermat specializes in devising and offering industrial filtration solutions that integrate seamlessly within your existing installations. Your ideal partner for both air and liquid filtration.

Our history

Filtermat was started in 1985 by ing. Marcel De Bruyn. Meanwhile, sons Tom and Koen De Bruyn have been working in the family business based in Temse for more than 20 years. Enormous expertise and continuity are guaranteed with us.

Our unique expertise

Our expertise, the solutions offered, the products supplied and our technical support are a guarantee of an adequate approach. Thanks to our staff and technically trained personnel, we can always offer you the best solutions.

Our vision for the future

Filtermat is driven to always offer the latest technologies in a good price/quality ratio. Our unique knowledge and constant training ensure that we always find the right filter for your project.