Rigid V-cel bag filters "RP" type


Rigid bag filters F6 - F7 - F8
These compact high efficiency filters are constructed by micro fiberglass media formed into mini-pleats which are separated by continuous thermoplastic wires. The mini-pleat packs form rigid V-shaped bags or dihedrons well sealed within end panels and support frame. Both cell sides and frame are made of plastic, ensuring the complete incenerability of filters.
APPLICATIONS They are used in air treatment units and ventilation plants either as final filters or as prefilters to absolute ones. No fibers are lost by the media, so these filters are particularly well suited for applications like food processing and pharmaceutical production. RP filters are ideal for use in VAV (Variable Air Volume) systems and everywhere there are discontinuity in air flow.
FEATURES Three types are available : RP65 , RP85 and RP 95. The following table shows their filtration class according EN 779 and the nominal capacities with the initial resistance for the standard sizes. See the table below.
INSTALLATION & SERVICE Its is advisable to foresee a pre-filtration stage before these filters. The RP filters can be installed into proper holding frames having frontal access and usually designed to fit any possible prefilters. It is advisable to replace these filters having reached a resistance of 450-500 Pa.
The following table shows the filtration class according to EN 779 and the nominal capacities with the initial resistance for the standard available sizes.
Dimensions and depth (mm)
Capacity (m³/h)
Initial resistance (Pa)
592 x 592 x 292
490 x 592 x 292
289 x 592 x 292
Filtration class according EN 779
Capacities comprised between the 0% and the 125% of the mentioned ones are allowed for a good performance of the filters. It is possible to consider, inside this range, a linear correspondence between resistance and capacity. The limit working temperature is of approx. 90°C.

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