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Original HAYWARD® accessories and consumables for safety and reliability
The wide range of Hayward filter housing accessories makes it possible to custom design a housing to the exact requirements of you r application, no matter how complex or unique it may be.
Accessories can be used to improve processes as well as the application requirement itself. For example, displacement balloons make bag change-out easier, LOFNETIC magnetic inserts extend filter bag life in applications where magnetic particles are encountered.
Original Hayward "added value" accessories are guaranteed to work with your Hayward filter housings as part of the system to deliver the highest performance and reliability.

Restrainer baskets
Heavy duty, electro polished SS 316 perforated plate baskets (included with housings) allows use of filter bags and HAYFLOW™ elements up to differential pressures of 3,5 bar. Available in all standard sizes, fitting all Hayward bag filter housings. Specially designed restrainer baskets, including special construction such as HASTELLOY or EPOXY coated, are available. Standard baskets can be used in combination with adaptor rings for retrofitting other types of housings.

LOFNETIC magnets
Magnet assemblies are inserted into the filter bag during filtration. They are a combination of bag positioner fitted in the centre with a magnetic bar(s). Lifetime is extended by retaining magnetic particles such as chips and fines, preventing deposition onto the filter media. They also retain finer magnetic dust when using bags of coarser micron rating. Hayward magnetic strainers are available in size 01 and 02 using one or two SS 316 covered magnetic bars.

Bag positioner
Highly recommended for all installations, mandatory for some, bag positioners or "bag locks" ensure correct positioning of the filter bag within the basket and eliminate any "bobbing" up and down movement of the bag caused by uncontrolled back pressure. This avoids any chance of bag bursting. ACCUGAF™, PROGAF™, and LOFCLEAR™ 500 filter bags need to be equipped with a bag positioner. A special new collar design firmly fixes the element inside the bag during filtration. They are available in sizes 01 and 02.
Leg assembly
Height-adjustable leg assemblies are standard for size 01 and 02 TOPLINE™ housings and optional for ECOLINE™, FLOWLINE™ and SIDELINE™ housings. Wall mounting brackets are also available.

Displacement balloons
Inserting a displacement balloon inside the filter bag minimizes the amount of residual liquid present in the filter bag and reduces product loss. This eases the changing of the filter bags eliminating the need for expensive pressure-aided draining systems. A special new collar design firmly positions the balloon inside the bag. The SS 316 balloons maximum DP 16 bar. They are available in sizes 01 and 02.

Manifold modules
Hayward standard pipe modules are available in SS 316. 90° elbows, flange reductions, flanged "T" sections, and flange manifolds can be easily assembles to make DUOLINE™ or MODULINE™ bag filter versions based on FLOWLINE™, SIDELINE™ or TOPLINE™ size 01 or 02 housings.

Adaptor head for open filtration
Used in conjunction with SNAP-RING® filter bags in gravity feed open systems. Adapter heads are available in SS 316 and polypropylene with a 1,5" BSP connections for pressures to 1,5 bar.

Gaskets and O-ring seals
As standard, Hayward metal filter housings are fitted with Buna N O-rings. Plastic housings have FMP O-rings. Other material options such as EPDM, FPM, TFE encapsulated FPM or silicone rubber or flat gaskets are also available. The options offer a variety of chemical and thermal resistances to meet a multitude of uses and applications.

Mesh strainer baskets
Bag filter housings may be fitted with SS 316 mesh lined strainers in stead of baskets to convert them to strainer filters. Mesh strainer baskets are available in four standard sizes : 01, 02, 03 and 04, micron ratings are 25, 50, 100, 150, 250, 400 and 800 µm.

Gauges, vents, eye-bolts, clamp-screws, V-clamps, centerbolts, butterfly and ball valves are available as accessories or spare parts to fit the various Hayward bag filter housings.

Bag hold-down rings
The various ECOLINE™, FLOWLINE™, SIDELINE™, POLYLINE™ and MAXILINE™ MBF bag filter housings are fitted with different bag hold-down rings (included with housing). They hold the filter bag securely inside the restrainer basket which in turn is positioned correctly within the housing.


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