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Sideline filters Mid-prices filters vessels for most applications. A SIDELINE vessel from HAYWARD is a full-featured investment-cast filter vessel. A bead, not sand, blasted finish that makes cleaning complete and a cover that can be easily adapted to different opening directions are among SIDELINE's many value added features. With SIDELINE you can take advantage of all of the benefits of stainless steel at a carbon steel price. Even if your process doesn't require stainless steel now, you can take advantage of stainless steel's superior corrosion resistance and consistency of performance.  
Duo Sideline filters
a SIDELINE features a hinged cover with swing bolts and an integral handle for quick opening and closing. For high flow rates, use the optional 90° elbow to manifold or duplex two housings.

Sideline cutaway

  1. Evacuation cover contacts the bag holddown ring for a 360°, zero bypass seal. Cover adapts to different opening directions.
  2. Side Entry of the process media eliminates spillover of liquid when the cover is opened.
  3. Perforated basket for reduced pressure drop.
  4. The process media enters the housing through a flanged side inlet and exits from a similar outlet at the bottom of the housing.
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