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Multi-Bag filter vessel for high flow rate applications up to 900 m³/h.

Stainless steel construction with a choice of different designs for maximum versatility :

  • MAXILINE type VMBF (4 and 8 bags) features a quick opening, spring assisted, hinged cover with a low profile design and integral venting
  • MAXILINE type MBF (4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 bags) has a spring assisted, hinged cover for easy opening and closing, and has a low profile design.
  • MAXILINE type MDE (4 bags) with a spring aid lid lifter, a side inlet and a bottom outlet for cost sensitive applications.




The Quick Closure Maxiline clamp design prevents the cover from being opened until the vessel has been properly vented. Moving the safety interlock handle upwards simultaneously vents the vessel and unlocks the clamp for opening. A threaded spindle mechanism, operated by a hand wheel, opens the clamp so that the cover can be raised with the help of a spring assisted hinge. The entire process takes less than 15 seconds compared to the 10 minutes or more it takes to open a vessel with bolted closure. The vessel cannot be re-pressurized until the QIC-LOCK™ clamp has been fully closed and the safety interlock engaged which closes the vent valve.

All the MAXILINE models have a hinged cover with spring assist and automatic stop.   Low Profile Option. The standard operating height is reduced to allow for easy bag changeout. There's no need for platforms or ladders.
Technical Data sheets
MBF-0401-AS10-100D   VMBF-0401-AS10-100D  
  MBF-0402-AS10-100DT   VMBF-0402-AS10-100DT
MBF-0802-AS10-150D   VMBF-0802-AS10-150D  
  MBF-0802-AS10-150DT   VMBF-0802-AS10-150DT
MDE-0401-AS10-100D   VMDE-0401-AS10-100D  



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