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Ecoline bagfilter

High quality, economical vessels for applications up to 10 bar at 30°C. For cost sensitive applications, you can now take advantage of an ECOLINE stainless steel vessel from HAYWARD at a price that compares to carbon steel. Even if your application may not now require stainless steel, you can still take advantage of the superior corrosion resistance and consistent performance you'll get over the years. Should your process parameters change in the future, you'll avoid the cost and hassle of an expensive upgrade from carbon steel. The ECOLINE saves operating costs, too, with its simple, easy to operate V-clamp closure that makes bag changeouts quick and easy.


V-clamp closure

V-clamp closure is operator friendly, easy to open and close for the quickest-ever bag changeouts. Plus ... ECOLINE vessels are fabricated using a minimum number of welds to create a smooth, easy to clean interior surface.


  1. Evacuation cover contacts the bag holddown ring for a 360°, no bypass seal.
  2. Process media enters the housing at the side through a 2" BSP threaded connection and exits at the bottom of the housing.
  3. Unique profile basket seal for no by-pass filtration.
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