Polymer filtration

  ASCO Filtri is a company specialised in the design and manufacture of "Process filters".
Founded by experts in the field, ASCO Filtri sustains its competitive edge by manufacturing internally most of the products included in its sales program.
To achieve this purpose, ASCO Filtri maintains a production department uniquely dedicated to the design and manufacture of metallic elements for the filtration of melt polymers.
The high quality standards and the know how well developed for the solution of many issues related to the filtration in the polymer industry.

Filter elements design

Cylindrical (wraparound) or pleated, candle filter elements design may include one or all the following features

  • internal hex to facilitate element handling
  • antigalling & wear resistant element handling
  • optimised pleating to extend on-stream life
  • internal volume reducer & streamlined cone to improve flow parameters
  • internal core support in stainless steel, perforated & spiral welded pipe to withstand pressures up to 215 bar
  • fully welded or with removable media pack
  • outguard for media protection during handling
Manufacturing capability
  • 1600 mm wide dedicated pleater
  • pleats compacting fixture
  • automatic TIG longitudinal welder
  • specific/scrunching press
  • in process & final QC control & BP testing

Filter media

A wide range of filter media for polymers applications from 1 to 75 µm.
Can be used inside our elements

  • AscoWire : Woven wire cloth (classical weave, Dutch twill, multipor weave, etc…
  • AscoSint : Sintered metal fibers, single- or multilayered

All ASCO Filtri pleated candles are designed for "reclothing", a process that allows the element core & adapter assembly to be reused after the media can no longer perform. After an adequate QC check on the reusable parts, the new media pack is welded in place and the filter element is guaranteed as new, at reduced price.

Filter element cleaning

ASCO Filtri personnel has been in the business of metallic filter manufacture for almost 30 years and during this time have become extensively involved in filter cleaning and testing. Although as a company we do not carry out physical cleaning of filters, however we can assist our customers with their cleaning problems thanks to our very good links with qualified cleaning houses, strategically located.


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