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FiltaPleat HFC High Surface Area Cartridges utilises pleated depth media offering maximum efficiency and exceptionally high flow capabilities. Developed to suit industrial processes where high performance is required, the low pressure loss and high dirt capacity makes it the ideal choice for fine polishing applications. In-house developments have optimised the pleat pack ensuring rigidity is maintained at all flow rates.

Two media options are offered as standard, the PP and GP. The PP features the specific CRY Cryptosporidium grade designed for Food and Beverage applications. The standard range is manufactured using all polypropylene end caps and internal support core. Filtermat Filters also offers cartridges manufactured with stainless steel cage and core and nylon end fittings. These are particularly suited for applications where higher temperature ratings are required or compatibility may be an issue. Thermal welding processes seal all components, eliminating adhesives and extractables and optimising cartridge integrity.

FiltaPleat - HFC-PP cartridges feature

• Melt blown Polypropylene media
• Extended life versions available
• Wide chemical compatibility
• Materials meet US FDA title 21 requirements

• Meets the requirements for food contact as detailed in

European Regulation (EC) Number 1935/2004

FiltaPleat - HFC-GP cartridges feature

• Glass microfibre media
• Extremely high dirt holding capacity

Absolute Rated Filter Media

• Available from 0.5 to 90 µm
• Consistent reliable performance
• Beta 5000 Rating

Product Features

FiltaPleat HFC filter cartridges are produced using an improved manufacturing process resulting in the following features:
• High surface area, resulting in low clean delta-P and excellent dirt holding capacity
• 100% thermally welded construction for maximum integrity and strength, up to 1541 mm (60”)
• Internal support core for resistance to back pressure
• More robust stainless steel cage and core option available
• Nylon end caps option available

FiltaPLeat HFC features and benefits

• Absolute removal ratings for consistent and reliable performance
• Filters can be sterilised by steam or sanitated by hot water and chemicals
• PP – Wide chemical compatibility using materials that meet FDA requirements
• XP – Extended Life version for more challenging applications
• GP – Glass microfibre media gives excellent dirt holding capacity
• Stainless steel cage and core and nylon end caps versions available for more aggressive processes
• Low maintenance – fewer number of cartridges
• Cryptosporidium grade (CRY) with typical 10&sup4; log reduction value for use in Food and Beverage applications

Pressure Loss
Filtermat Filters manufactures a comprehensive range of filter housings for the FiltaPleat HFC cartridges.
Available in many materials and sizes to suit all flow rates, please consult our sales office for further details on our full range.
Industries and Applications
Food and Beverage bottled water, beers, wines, polishing lines, general clarification
Pharmaceutical solvent discharge, raw water supplies, batch transfers
Fine chemicals polymers, acids, bases, solvents
Water treatment pre reverse osmosis, UV protection, resin trap
Automotive wash solutions, cooling fluid, blanking wash oils, electrophoretic paints
Oil & Gases water injection systems, amine streams, glycol
Power generation water treatment (boiler feed sweetening), return condensate line
- outside diameter 160 mm
- core diameter 75 mm
- typical surface area (per 40")
15PP : 8 to 10.3 m²
15GP : 6.2 to 6.7 m²
15XP : 4.9 m²
Sterilisation and Sanitation
Steam or Autoclave

121°C (10 cycles)

Hot water

90°C for 30 min.

Maximum Operating Conditions

PP : 80°C
PS / PN : 100°C

Normal operating mode is inside to outside flow direction
Max. delta-P
PP Media
GP Media
Filtermat recommend that FiltaPleat HFC cartridges are changed at a differential pressure of 1.5 bar in normal service - the operating conditions above should be treated as maximum differential pressures for short term use without causing cartridge collapse problems.    
Materials of Construction
Filter media PP - Polypropylene (0,5 - 1 - 5 - 10 - 20 - 40 - 50 - 70 - and 90 µm
GP - Borosilicate Glass Fibre with epoxy resin binder (0,5 - 1 - 2 - 5 - 10 - 20 and 40 µm)
Cage, Core & End Caps

P - All Polypropylene
S - Polypropylene End caps and 304 St.St. core and cage
N - Nylon Endcaps and 304 ST.ST. core and cage


Product validation guide available on request. All FiltaPleat HFC cartridges are manufactured under strict control with batch number identification, giving full traceability on all components.

Extended life PP - Polypropylene : 5, 10 and 20 µm

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